Monday, November 10, 2008


Saturday was Founder's Day for Elliott's dental school. I didn't know what that was (and still don't) but I'm sure 90% of the people there didn't know either. Most importantly, however, was the kickball tournament! Elliott's team was the Anti-Dentites, yes he came up with the name. Not surprisingly we WON the tournament! It was only a few games but that last one was a close one! I can honestly say that we couldn't have won without every guy on that team! All of them had fantastic hits (kicks?) and catches. OH. I'm sorry I look like an Orange County wife in the picture to the right. Not implying anything about my looks just the buggy glasses, streaked hair and furry velour-looking jacket. It was purely unintentional.

Elliott scoring a point in one of the three games they played.

This is the video of Elliott's game-winning run-off in the Championship! The game was tied 1-1 after the 20 minute limit and even after playing an extra inning, nobody from either team scored! THUS, a run-off. The first player to run around the bases and touch home wins. Elliott actually won a run-off in a previous game but the pressure was on even more here. I suggest you watch the video with the sound off so that you don't have to listen to my commentary and yelling. I have to apologize for making fun of the track bags. They're actually really nice, I was just so excited for them to win that I wanted trophies! Cash prizes! Free tanning coupons! I forgot that it was a kickball game.
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Day Before November

Yet another fantastic Halloween for Elliott and Alisa, despite the fact that there were no Unicef girls taking all our change like last year... Actually there were practically no trick-or-treaters period. We live in Gilbert and belong one to the most child-inhabited wards in the state (and we're talking three neighborhoods that make up this ward). You would THINK that we might get more than six kids at our door. But we didn't. Don't get me wrong, it was still one of the greatest nights in October let alone the year. We watched "The Invasion" with Nicole Kidman and James Bond and then "The Burbs" with my favorite actor, Tom Hanks. We have about 11 lbs. of candy in our closet if anyone needs or wants some.... Just maybe not the Almond Joys. Oh, and just because we went to Wal Mart and bought like $10 worth of 50% off candy the day after (to go along with the first $10 that ended up not getting passed out) DOESN'T mean we have eating problems. We're just enthusiasts. Special thanks to Trevor and Brianne for letting us come over for pizza beforehand and to see all of their ridiculously cute kids dressed up.

The famed Brawny Man himself in all his glory.

This is my impression of Marjorie from America's Next Top Model. We actually want her kicked off as soon as possible because frankly, she's crazy. I decided to show that anyone can make their arms looked deformed if they set their mind to it.