Friday, August 27, 2010

Big Changes.

I switched from this:

To this:
No really, I did and I'm not looking back.

I can't decide what to do for my 21st birthday--ON the 21st no less. I've had offers by my favorite JERSEY GIRL to fly to THE boardwalk in NJ with her and hit up Karma... as in THE Karma from Jersey Shore. So far that's the winner. Baby would come too of course tucked in my little bag. He's roughly the size of a shihtzu (pronounced SHEET-ZOO. Not shit-zoo for those of you who say it like that to get away with swearing) so he would fit in my bag. Naturally, I will be just as happy staying home, eating my birthday Sprinkle's and watching my second favorite show we've been DVRing as of late (the first being Jersey Shore). I suppose I just solved my own problem! That sounds like a very formidable plan to ring in what will be an epic year of not having to stand on the 'other side' of the railing at the Matt Nathanson concert with my 23-year-old babysitter of a husband because his wife is 19. **Said true evnts transpired two Octobers ago.** 

Speaking of shihtzus, I can't wait to get Beckett one some Christmas down the road. For now he loves his Spot dog. 

Now, speaking of Spot dogs (we've entered a downward spiral of digression) this is Elliott's Spot. Cutest thing ever, right? 
 Nana is to thank for both Spots that are loved by both boys who are loved by... ME. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Screw Motor Skills, the PGA Championship is on.

Beckett is still the sweetest, but likes to make more of a scene in public nowadays.
It's ok, I know the urge.   
Fortunately, he has his good days. Well, in all honesty, most of his days are good.
We went to Houston's last night--the second time in a week for me. I know, it IS that good.
The waitress who waited on us Friday noticed me last night and caught me on the way back from the bathroom.
"Did I wait on you AND BECKETT on Friday? I just HAVE to see him again!"
And she did. Don't worry, Houston's is a classy place so she wasn't creepy about it.  
 Just one more reason I love eating there so much

We got our Tortilla Soup. 
AND Sprinkle's. 
Though orange was sold out. 
New phone tomorrow!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday BeforeandAfterthoughts (like the Wheel of Fortune category!!)

I love 8:00am Church. Ironically, I say this as I'm actually typing out this post at 12:30am. We'll see how much I love it 12 hours from now as I bust a tired move to Tracy Anderson's Post Pregnancy Workout. I have sleeping problems because I have a good baby. He sleeps 'till 9, I sleep 'till 9. I'm not tired when midnight comes around because I sleep 'till 9. Every once in a while he'll throw me for a loop and wake up in the 7:00am hour (still nothing to gripe about). Then there's 8:00am Church. Well, when Saturday night rolls around, I'm well acclamated to my midnight-9am sleep cycle. Now it's somehow a 1:00am-6:30am sleep cycle with Saturday night. I'm turning into my mother with this whole sleeping business, only I'm less patient. What do I do when I can't fall asleep next to my peacefully slumbering Elliott?

Well this past night I spent a good 30 minutes online Googling shades of potential OPI colors I want. There are quite a few sassy ladies out there who like painting different shades of polish on every finger to compare various brands and color shades. It makes it much easier to see how the shade will really look on me. Only my hands will be a little less... acryllic. While this was happening I was watching... re-re-re-re-re watching the series finale of Full House. I say all those "re's" because I've probably seen it a good 5 times-minimum-in my life. It's easily one of my favorite and most watched shows. I still DVR it 15 years later! I would kill for a reunion. Admitting that out loud makes me feel bad that I talk so much crap about Jonny and Krista and Elliott's shows because... they aren't Full House. Well, Elliott has been quoted as considering Dawson's Creek--for which he's seen every episode of--among his favorite shows. Anyways... apparently this has turned into a "Confessions" post... well it is Sunday. I also think about my new phone that will be "smarter," literally, so that when I push "2" to be transferred to the "Women's Department" at H&M, I don't get sent to an operator because old "0" at the BOTTOM of the screen decided to push itself instead. Ah touchscreen phones.

Pictures from a Sunday morning wake-up taken a few weeks ago... before 8:00am church started. Note the change in picture quality. Yeah, oopsie. Experimenting with my Aperture... in other words something I pretend to know somewhat about. 

Future phone. The Brennan brothers are in constant debate over our potential new phones. They like these but continue to question whether or not to wait for the rumored minipad or whatever it is or to stick it out until Verizon gets the iPhone. I just want a phone that is cute, not too man-ish and works... kind of like an iPhone works... but not quite like an iPhone.
 More like... this one.        

Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Cupcakes and a Birthday Recap

Elliott's banana cupcake (with matchy matchy candle) from Sprinkle's
We have it planned. On the next Thursday we can go out, we're headed to Houston's because that's when it's Tortilla Soup day AND Sprinkle's because that's the day they do Banana, Carrot AND Lemon cupcakes. All parts of a perfect night in Scottsdale... that hasn't happened yet. 
Me being indulged... This is the second time Elliott would be blowing out a candle on this cupcake. The first on Saturday when I got them, the second on his real birthday. 
Enthusiastic much?
Last Saturday, Elliott and I finally made our annual trip to The Buttes in Tempe. We couldn't go for our (ha, I first started typing "my" anniversary... I guess I do obsess over it too much) anniversary because of having a baby literally pulled out of my stomach 2 weeks before. It's ok though, Beckett was the ultimate gift and reminder of why we got married. Anyhow, we finally got there and, as expected, had the perfect time (largely due to Trevor and Brianne for watching the babeh overnight [thanks yous!]). As any hardworking man would want to do, Elliott immediately collapsed on the bed and flipped on golf... it later turned to Billy the Exterminator but I will ignore that we spent 2 hours of our lives watching it. Anyhow again, he did his very best to participate in pictures of our excursion (even if I did have to compromise with him being able to take them, tv remote in hand, head on pillow). I'm a bit sad that we're (as in sad for all of us, blog nation) getting more closed-mouthed Elliott smiles. See, Elliott got braces on last month because he did and it makes me a little bummed that he has all this wire over his teeth and hopefully he will get them off in less than a year from now... Though he was given a target date of September next year. Anyway, can't help that my perfectionist dentist of a husband wants perfect teeth for his future dental practice! Though... who am I kidding, they were already perfect teeth. But in all honesty, they will fix some bite issues, crowding issues... things that I only pretend to understand completely. 

Love you Ello. 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Thoughts of You

These were taken last month. Poor Beckett had missed his naptime because we needed to drop him off last minute at my sister's, Apryl's, house. She's pretty much always up for watching Beckett on a moment's notice and, while we know to never to take advantage of it, are so grateful for her to always do that.  It's quite apparent in these pictures that he's pretty sleepy but, being the sweet baby he is, let me take 5 minutes for a photo op without crying. 

Every now and then I find myself allowing bothering thoughts or memories creep into my mind and weigh down on my day--something that I'm sure everyone can relate to. On occasion, it has inhibited my ability to be an actively invested parent in whatever Beckett is doing. It's incredible the love of a child that, when you are trying to tune out and detach for a minute (sort of a "SERENITY NOW!" moment), that you don't even realize, your baby sitting propped on your bent knees, has been talking to you in sweet "goos" the whole time while grinning from ear to ear.

Beckett you are filling.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Do you remember the first time you ever played with a cat?

This is Elliott. We had a little visitor today. When I picked him up Max was so excited to come and see the cat. He was looking for her from the moment we walked in the door. After about 5 minutes of good hard searching we found little girl cat in the pantry. The rest can be summed up in video. Thanks for coming over Max.
The cat plays with Max.

And the cat chase...

Max, you're welcome to come over anytime.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Beckett Turns 3 Months. I Eat Cupcakes.

This is sleepy Beckett. I wasn't the nicest mom and kept flashing my flash camera in his face. Anyway, enough about me. Beckett is the sweetest. His favorite toy is his Hoolaroo Croc. He grabs onto the legs and proceeds to shove them in his mouth. He sleeps and eats like a champ and looks more and more like his Dad each day.

These pictures were taken only a few minutes before Brianne dropped by to give me a cupcake from The Sweet Tooth Fairy that she carried all the way home from Utah. It's not even 11 o'clock and I've eaten all but one bite of it. I'm saving the last for Elliott, of course. He's not a big fan of vanilla cupcakes because they're so rich so I don't want to burden him. 

Ugh. I was doing SO well on my post-pregnancy exercise before New York! Walking 10 miles a day burned me out on exercising but 3 weeks later is enough time to catch one's breath... Time to resume the treadmill, start up that Tracy Anderson and get back at it! 

Pictures from Elliott's cupcake-filled birthday to soon follow.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Elliott [25]

So I know I love Elliott. And. YOU know I love Elliott. But, what does Elliott love? Let's find out. 

1. You love banana things. Kinda gross but it's opened my eyes to some hidden food treasures (banana  Sprinkle's cupcakes, banana malts at Sonic. Amazing).
2. You love Jersey Shore. I was NOT the instigator of this. I would walk in and boom Ronnie and Sammi were two steps away from mushing. He hooked me
3. You love Brad Pitt. Love isn't a strong enough word. There have been very questionable things said about Brad Pitt by my husband... very. questionable. Not blog appropriate questionable. I was just kidding?
4. You love your brother. It's pretty 'dorable. They're totally boyfriend boyfriend. Mac and Dennis. Boondock Saints.
5. You love dentistry. GOOD because I have a feeling you're going to be doing it for a while. You never complain about school, you're amazing at it. 
6. You love Beckett. He is the best baby. The best. And I don't mean, He's ours! He's the best! No. Nono. He's the best behaved, best sleeper, best eater, calmest, happiest baby. Knock on wood he'll stay that way! 
7. You love me. Duh.
8. You love Chipotle and could eat there everyday. Me? It wouldn't make a difference if I never ate there ever again. BUT! This isn't about me.
9.  You love Little Girl Cat. 
10. You love sniper shows. I know you would have been a pretty bomb sniper had you wanted to be.
11. You love me in skirts. I try to wear skirts. Though, I know you love me in everything.
12. You love a worry-free, obligation-free day. I hope you have plenty of them ahead of you. 
13. You love video games. I will choose to see the good in this in that it is bonding time with your brother and helps fine tune your hand-eye coordination... for dentistry. 
14. You love BBQ-ing. You're pretty much the best grillmaster I know.
15. You love scrubs. They fit you... always. Your words not mine! 
16. You love golf. Even though presently you look like a lobster. Again, your words not mine! 
17. You love soccer. You used to play against one of the guys on Team USA. So that must mean they're best friends right?! That was my assumption... he had to keep correcting me.
18. You love QT. You go there more often for Diet Dr. Pepper and other snacks than gas.
19. You love New Zealand. You're going to get you and your wife a timeshare there one day... Yes, yes you will. Subliminal much? But you really do love New Zealand. 
20. You love your whole family with so much ease. AND! They all love you.
21. You love food. Boy do you love food. Most of these blog posts are about food!
22. You love being cold. Don't we all living here?
23. You love your smile. I. LOVE. YOUR. SMILE. I. FANTASIZE. ABOUT. YOUR. SMILE. 
24. You love kids. You're a natural, and have a ton more experience with them than I do!
25. You love sectionals. I don't think we'll ever be able to turn back after swapping couches with your parents. 

Elliott, me, Brianne's skirt, and my belly band on our anniversary (05.17.10)