Saturday, January 10, 2009

Alright I'm sorry, ok?!

Ok. The past two months have been some of the most exciting--which OF COURSE would mean that I keep forgetting to blog them! Here's what we've been up to:

SUNS GAME! Thanks to a classmate of Elliott's, we got a great deal for a pair of Suns tickets and went to our first game together. We had a great view and an even better time. Sorry the picture below is a little blurry but it was my favorite one of us from the night--notice the beard on Elliott's face. It would be around for quite some time after this.

BABIES! We were able to become aunt and uncle to two more GORGEOUS babies. Sweet little Lily (below) was adopted by Elliott's sister Brianne and her husband Trevor last November and only two days after she was born, my sister Anna and her husband Ryan welcomed little-big Ryan (above) into the world. I say little-big because he was 9lbs. 4 oz.! Both babies are so perfect and loved beyond belief. Ryan was the first grandbaby for my parents and we all hope to have a few more additions to the Day-Brennan family in the not-too-distant-future. Eeep.
1,2,3 DODGEBALL! Wish I had my camera during the dodgeball tournament and the excruciating two days that Elliott had his goatee but I'm sure you can all appreciate what the experience was like--Elliott's certainly not hard to pick out. We got 3rd in the tournament (a VERYcontroversial loss) but it was still fun to prepare for. 
After the devastating loss, Elliott put on his Brawny Man shirt and cowboy hat and we headed out to Texas Roadhouse for one last hick-filled night with the goatee. He shaved it a few hours later and I couldn't have been happier-- though I am sad that he misses it so much... Not really?
Death Cab for Cutie! Elliott and I went down to Tucson on December 13 to see one of our favorite bands, Death Cab, play at the Tucson Convention Center! It was a pretty dang good show. My best friend Katherine also went with a few friends of hers and we were able to meet up at the concert. Naturally, in the true fashion of standing-only shows, we somehow ended up about 8 rows behind her and her friends by the time the show was over.
Despite being extremely cramped next to a bunch of strangers for 5 hours and getting pushed farther and farther away from the stage, we still had a pretty good view! You might be wondering about the half drunken, half tired face on me and the completely pissed face on Elliott. That's because everyone around us smelled and we were standing for 5 hours--3 of which were spent listening to two other bands that weren't Death Cab. Not to mention it was a furnace in there. We were worn pretty thin but the night was still a classic Elliott and Alisa adventure complete with two trips to Jimmy Johns and a Starbussss!
So this was our first Christmas being married (duh?) Wish I could've gotten a few more pictures of us and family during the holidays but our house was quite the sparkling site. I went a little too gung-ho with the decorations--especially AFTER Christmas when everything was on sale and I stocked up on decorations for next year. I did let my new finds stay out for a little while until we sadly packed up Christmas and said hello to 2009. P.S.--anybody notice the cute little cat sitting under the tree? That's Chubby Cat, alive and chubby as ever! Sadly, we put Chubby Cat to sleep shortly after Christmas. He buckled his little chubby legs and the stand would no longer support him. Though it was pretty sad, I had a warm reminder of my cats at home. Most are exceptionally chubby but have a long and fulfilling lifespan--probably because I obsess over them oh so much. 

As a final note, I just have to say thanks to all those who listened to my constant rants over the semester about my journalism class that I had to get six articles published in. I actually got seven published (four in the East Valley Tribune) and earned an A in the class. My other classes took a serious hit but it was all worth it for that  freaking A. No pun intended.