Sunday, January 29, 2012

Keeping Busy

I've noticed that pregnancy ages your body about 10 years. Or at least it aged mine. I knew with my first pregnancy and postpartum recovery that most other 20 year-old's with the same quality of health and living as I had once easily enjoyed did NOT physically feel 30 or even older. I did, and maybe that was because my body was, according to statistical and "world" viewpoints, not quite to that baby making age. 30-year-old pregnant women, do you feel 40? Did you? I've noticed that diet, exercise, hair appointments, and fresh clothes, do not snap you back into that pre-pregnancy self alone (or in my case, do not keep you looking relatively refreshed throughout your pregnancy). 

Here are a couple of helpful and fun things that have made this go around much more enjoyable, and much easier, and I expect them to have a similar effect on my second time being postpartum: 
Because my eyes have aged.
Who ever really knows with eye creams, right? I can tell that those dark circles of mine have lightened but maybe it's because I want to believe it. Still love it, still worth a try, still feels oh so good and tingly when I apply. 

Because my skin has aged.
Certainly my favorite out there, and I hear they sell it at Sprout's! With Beckett, I bought some super fancy stretch mark oil and, because it was so expensive, used it sparingly (oops!)--though I still went through two bottles. It didn't work (though, with first babies-- and first babies that are nearly 10 pounds--who knows? It might not have regardless of my application frequency). Because of the inexpensive price, I apply this daily and liberally, and it has kept my belly as smooth and clear as a Buddha statue's. Plus, I have used it for 5 months and still have a quarter left. 

Because my body has aged.
 Look at that girl, so comfortable and secure while pumping her breast milk. That's going to be me. Count on it. No repeats of falling asleep while pumping in the middle of the night only to be startled awake by the feel of "spillage."

Because my feet have aged.
My baby/Christmas/necessity gift. As smooth a ride as ever and just as durable. Wish I would've just bought this stroller initially (and a separate carseat and lightweight frame) instead of falling victim to the whole "travel system" marketing trap that almost all new moms are prey to. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Maternity Pictures

[Taken at the Provo Orchards, December 2011]
I owe a many MANY thanks to the wonderful Stacey Smith and her incredible photography skills. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Might As Well

Beckett playing with Elliott's 20-year-old McDonald's play sets in Utah. They don't make 'em like they used to--and it's an absolute shame. Yes, he's eating the plastic cheeseburger--boy's gotta get some protein in him somehow! 
As soon as I finish this post I'm off to Taco Bell--so I'd better get typing because I'm HUNGRY NOMNOM. Today was what "we" call a "Taco Bell Kind of Day." 

It started off with a speeding ticket.
 I didn't know the officer was behind me until he literally honked at me. Literally, honked. Am I pregnant or what? When I looked up and saw a motorcycle cop with his lights on, my first thought was, "Am I in his way?" When I changed lanes and he followed I figured... "Not exactly." 
 He was very surprisingly//unusually//refreshingly nice (some may argue an oxymoron) and didn't ticket me as high as it was supposed to be. He actually laughed when I said that I didn't even see him (apparently he was just "sitting there") much less how fast I was going. 
I then went to Trader Joe's (with hormonal pregnancy traffic ticket tears). Reaching the front of the very lonnnng checkout line and while being rung up, I realized that I had left my wallet in the car after pulling it out for the ticket. I ran through the parking lot wielding my 30+ pound child and took a frustratingly long amount of time to find said wallet. In that period of time, Beckett found the tube of Skittles I was using to bribe him to climb into his car seat and dumped it out. All over the car. Finally finding my wallet, I heaved my child ("children" if you count the preggo belly) back through the parking lot only to have my phone fall out of my pocket in the middle of the busy street and the back fall off. 
Finally reaching my car with my groceries the day progressed in a similar manner with minor instances of Beckett tantrums and fellow Target customers' rudeness-es. 
The day grew comically awful. It was all I could do to laugh and perhaps it was even a tender mercy that a crap storm occurred right after the ticket to take my mind off the hard blow. That, and I actually had to stop off at Elliott's school before TJ's where he took the ticket right out of my hand and told me to not give it another thought, worry, or feeling of guilt. He would take care of it, and I knew it.
Baby two comes a month from today. I am excited, I am wanting him here, I am ready to get this show on the road since I'm losing enough sleep as is, it would be nice to be able to return to being a back sleeper again for when I do get it. 
But for now, I am off to Taco Bell. Wow, only a month left of that too and then I will return to my normal dejection of all most food that is "fast."

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas in Utah

 Stocking stuffers. There is a picture out there of Elliott making an uncannily similar facial expression and holding a pair of sunglasses as well. 
  Smooches from Kris. 

 On the the Trax headed to Salt Lake. My new favorite picture of Elliott and Beckett.

  New Christmas Jammies

Singing to Nana with his new microphone. Beckett opened a present a day from Nana leading up to Christmas. He is impossible not to spoil. 
Christmas Eve 2011

I never thought I'd be a big "Utah" person, as in taking part of that "culture" within the Mormon culture. Neither of us really had close family there until Elliott's parents moved up a year and a half ago. I had only been up to their home once to visit (Christmas 2010) before this past Christmas. Each time we leave to come back to Arizona, I miss it just a bit more. The endless game nights, fun movies, and to die for food (both homemade and takeout) don't even scratch the surface of why Nana and Papa's is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to visit. I so miss them--even Wilma and Weimaraner--and their warm home and am already dreaming about our next visit (with baby no. 2)! And I will admit, that I am pretty jealous of the weather (minus the inversion) and restaurants--both very important things to a pregnant girl.