Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This just put me in a Valentine's Day mood--and with it being one of my favorite holidays EVER--I wanted to post about my mother-in-law, Pam's, glamorous and "girly" bracelets. She has made a few of them for me and I love them! The PR in me (yes I did a public relations internship and it eventually led me to change my major) just wanted to get the word out about these gorgeous bracelets!

Go here to check them out and here to view her etsy page!

Monday, January 11, 2010

To Those I (and Elliott) love.

Dear Baby,
I'm sorry I said you were going to "ruin" my anniversary for that is not what I meant. What I MEANT was that the birthing process would most definitely "ruin" my anniversary but that it wasn't your fault--or anybody's fault--because we both know we can postpone, put off, or completely not celebrate our anniversary the way we usually do and still feel as though we couldn't have celebrated our second year of marriage any better way. Stay healthy. Loves, your mama. xo

Dear Church,
I'm sorry I said you were going to "ruin" my Valentine's Day. Even though that is what I meant, I know "deep down" it'll still be the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day since that is the place where Elliott and I met. Besides, he proposed to me the day AFTER Valentine's Day so that really is the more special day. It's like two holidays in a row!

Dear Jonny,
We never said you were fat, because you're not. Hope you're getting better. Much love always, Elliott and Alisa

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jimmy John's

[Elliott Post]

My love affair with Jimmy John's started about the same time as my love affair with my wife. In the fall of 2007 I was traveling for dental school interviews. Alisa and I had been on 2 or 3 dates and earlier in the evening she had helped me over the phone to navigate through the Milwaukee ghetto and find my hotel. After getting off the phone I checked in. Being starved, I asked the young African American gentleman behind the counter if anything was still open (10:30PM).
He suggested pizza... said, "maybe Jimmy John's."
I asked, "what is Jimmy John's?"
He gasped, "you aint never had Jimmy John's? Oh, they deliver"

So, I had found it. He gave me a menu, I called, and within 7 minutes I had a hot 'Billy Club' delivered to my hotel room door. I felt so happy to see this delivery boy and my sandwich that I tipped him more than the cost of the sandwich. I think I gave him $15 for like a $6 sandwich. I have rarely been as happy as after that sandwich.

Ever since, I have been hooked. Alisa had already known about JJ's. Alisa and I have been to Jimmy John's in Denver, Las Vegas, and Tucson in the past year. We have greatly lamented that they skipped the valley of the sun in their locations. WELL EVERYONE, GOOD NEWS. JIMMY JOHN'S TEMPE!!!! Maybe this is old news to some but not to us. We will be celebrating. Our suggestions 1. The Billy Club and Alisa's regular 2. Roast Beef Slim (she loves the bread and the beef).

***We do realize this is the second of the last three posts about a sandwich shop. We have a problem, the first step is admitting and we're working on it.

Also, I felt the baby kick last night. True Highlight of my week. He's got his daddy's soccer legs/stumps.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All The Small Things

I've been sick for about 10 days now. Surprise. The worst is most definitely over but I've had lingering throat and nose "issues." My nose decided to get it's act together but my throat won't leave me alone. It's like a snail, but I doubt gargling salt water would even get rid of my "issues."

Because I'm pregnant, I can't really take a lot of (as in any) medicines so I've been doing what I can (as in nothing) to get better. I've tried to keep up on my Vitamin C and Tylenol count but I think my mentality has been to just ignore it, which hasn't helped either. In fact it's made it worse because ignoring it has caused me to forget taking my two allowed medications. Anyway, yesterday I decided to get back on the ball and resolved to at least drink lots and lots of liquids--especially Oj and H2O. This morning I woke up especially hoarse and sore to the point where it was hard to talk. Walking to the fridge, I found this: My favorite part is that it's on a tooth posty note cause it's cute.

In other happenings, the baby room isn't completely finished but definitely getting there. I absolutely love it-- the paint and the look we've decided on. I promise to post picture later! The pregnancy is coming along great but we are dying to figure out some solid names. Suggestions? I'm also dying to figure out how some of these recent mom's I see gained their pre-pregnancy weights BACK. Suggestions? Thannnks.