Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hallowhaunts Pt. 1

Lots of pictures means lots of fun and an obnoxious photographer

 Starting with our first party of the season we have the annual ASDOH Boo Bash‎:

Held Here‎:

Glamour shots. 
Meet the new face of our Christmas card.
Oh Monica and Jenna. Even though our Jersey Shore nights may be fewer and farther between, we will always make excuses to get together with everyone... Maybe another ASU food adventure again. Those hotdogs was goooood. 
Kyndall made me want to be a nerd with how ridiculously fabulous she looked. 

  I often think of how skilled  Elliott and I are with our abilities in regards to all things involving spray paint, but then I see the lovely Sarah and she tells me that she sewed her own costume.
Worn but sweet. Not to worry, we were on our way out when this was taken.

A Survey:

Favorite Halloween Movie: 
Hocus Pocus... Well, it'll probably be replaced by the Paranormal Activity's, but that's my favorite classic!

Favorite Halloween Candy: 
Almond Joy... Or Twizzler's... Or anything that comes in King Size.

Favorite Halloween Icon:

Favorite Halloween Costume: 
One time I was John Cleese as his Monty Python character for the Ministry of Silly Walks. Other than that, anything that isn't trashy but creative--I never knew Minnie Mouse could be a call girl but apparently.. 

Katherine and Me and our self-decorated shabby-chic trunk at my (2006) Ward Trunk-Or-Treat 

Favorite Halloween Activity: 
Parties. From Boo Bashes to the simple get-together. 

Favorite Halloween Detox:
Walking... and more exercise.   

Favorite Halloween Decor:
Cobwebs. I love seeing them on people's houses but they aren't on mine! Oopsies. 

Overall Holiday Ranking: 
No. 2. recently bumped out Thanksgiving and Black Friday to move just below Christmas. Speaking of, as of today, we pretty much have our Christmas shopping for Beckett done thanks to a few good Target sales. I'll live it up now that I only have one child, and a baby no less.  

A report of the never-failing-to-impress ASDOH Boo Bash to come.
Be safe tomorrow you all. 
We can't wait for Beckett's first Trick-or-Treating extravaganza!

** Special Halloween Edit:: I wanted to give Elliott a stab at my survey! 

Favorite Halloween Movie: 
Probably Scream... No, let's do Zombieland.
Favorite Halloween Candy: 
I used to like the Reese's growing up but now... Twix. If i were going through someone's Halloween stash I would definitely pick out all the Twix. For sure.

Favorite Halloween Costume: 
His school's Dean, Jack Dillenberg. 
Though... he was Hillary Clinton one time in yester-years.

Favorite Halloween Icon:
Neve Campbell... nooo, Zombies.

Favorite Halloween Detox:

Favorite Halloween Decor:

Favorite Halloween Activity: 

Overall Holiday Ranking: 
 I'd put it at No. 3. I like Thanksgiving quite a bit. PS, I think it can be assumed Christmas is pretty much everyone's favorite holiday.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cat Times Two

Little Girl Cat (Baby Girl Cat if you're Max and Mittens if you're Brennan... and I think Felicity... Felix? Cocoa? No... not those... but something along those lines if you're Bella. It's our fault for not giving her a proper name. This fits just fine though.)
So Little Baby Girl Mittens loves attention. She loves when Beckett crawls towards her trying to chase her down to grab her fur. She loves having Max over to run around with her. She kinda loves us... Kinda. When we pet her. And feed her... Seriously fat cat. 
We've been busy making our Halloween costumes for the Dental School Boo Bash. 
Elliott's going to be a toothbrush.
Beckett a tube of toothpaste.
I'm going to be in a box. Again. But no complaints, it's all by choice. 
More specifically, I'm going to be dental floss. 
Need we be reminded of my love for all things matchy-matchy
So excited for the upcoming get-togethers, parties, and Halloween-ing.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Just bought these for Beckett. 
I was pretty much convinced in Nordstrom's when I saw how freakishly cute he looked in a puppy dog pair.
Of course, I say, "pretty much", because I had to investigate the price and such online. Don't you hate it when you see a book, movie, pair of shoes, etc. in the store; snatch it up, go online to see how much it is, (because you're a Type A, excessively anal personality), and find out you could have gotten the same thing for a fraction of the price?   
 Well this was not one of those times. 
Same price no matter where you look. Though I was pretty impressed by's free overnight shipping so I went with them...

These little beauties will keep my little beauty's feet nice and warm all winter long indoor and outdoor--sans bulk of your typical rubber shoes. Plus they'll go quite well with Beckett's snow coat for our Christmas in the snow with Nana and Papa.     

Monday, October 18, 2010

I don't care, I'm posting it.

The Brennan Brothers at their finest. 
Yet another reason a second boy would be great.
When I get pregnant again, of course.  

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I've Got Kitty Pryde... And Nightcrawler too, yes I do.

THE Chubby Cat is out and in full-effect once again only the poor boy is really hitting old-age hard. Once a gluttonous, slightly overwhelming sight, the cat ate its weight in food--SO MUCH, that this year... Well... Do you see the second picture? There's a missing. leg! I'm serious. Well. Poor little (and actually fairly cute) Chubby Cat decided to get his act together and drop a few. We've been doing our Tracy Anderson "Post Pregnancy Workout" video together and have been very pleased with the results.

Ok. Enough talking about fake cats that apparently aren't built very durable. 

"Oh My Stars and Garters!"
That's Hank McCoy's (aka "The Beast") signature quote from X-Men. We had our nephew, Brennan, over for a sleepover last night and he had never seen any of the X-Men's so we decided to have ourselves a littttttttlllle marathon (with Sprinkle's of course). Really, I am spoiled by people who know who they are. I can NEVER get enough.   

My "Trick" jar filled with 2-year-old saltwater taffy. I always advised people against eating it with the intention of just having it be decoration (trashy much? Much.) Brennan had no problem testing it out (though, let the record show, I DID point out that it would probably be very gross even though that stuff just doesn't expire. Not unlike the Twinkie).  I don't think he even bit anything off before realizing that this would not be a digestible food. It was too hard to even bite. Into the garbage it, and the rest of the lot went, and I compensated him with some fresher, chewier candy.   
Sorry Brennan. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Here in the Brennan Family,it's no surprise that we pride ourselves in teeth.  

Meaning... these two teeny little gems are definitely a ton of fun and pain (for our noses that he likes to bite) to see grow in.

Sassy (not really). 




Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Fall Fall

Diggin' the Rumple's Wiggin
Oh, what's that you scoff? It's a little too Easter
Well guess what.
It's still hotter than it was on Easter so if the weather isn't changing--
Neither am I!

I bought this indigo moto cardigan at the very FIRST J.Crew to ever open, South Street Seaport in NYC--which explains J.Crew's underlying nautical theme...hmm that was unnecessary to share to the world. It was on a super-sale and I am a sweater/cardigan/jacket addict so I packed it in my already too-full-for-souvenirs suitcase and flew it 3000 miles home with me where it is STILL sitting in my closet three months later. I have a feeling it will emerge sometime this week, though. 

(It looks much better ON someone)

 For those of us yet to be able to afford Uggs, here is a substitute from American Eagle. Mine are going on a year old and I love love  LOVE them still.

 Oh Starbucks. You just haven't been worth visiting over the past year but never fear, your Hazelnut and Peppermint Hot Chocolates and Caramel Apple Cider will soon be sipped by Elliott and I while we sit on heated car seats and drive to QT to get our accompanying 54oz QT Diet Dr. Pepper. Starbucks and QT make quite the combo.   

Trader Joe's pumpkins! 
I live a little too far away from Trader Joe's to get motivated enough to actually go, so Brianne was super thoughtful and grabbed a few small and pie pumpkins for me! They are ridiculously cheap.

Just discovered tonight. 
Caramel Apple Cupcakes ONLY offered October 8-31st.
Ok... I may have had a Sprinkle's cupcake within the past three hours, literally,and it was euphoric, but there is a serious need/addiction/whatever to try them all!   

 These movies may be severely upsetting but the first has easily become a scary-movie favorite! 
I seriously can NOT wait to see the second one and pee my pants/cry/bury my face/do my old-lady *GASP!*/have nightmares for weeks.


PS. The GRE is officially over and my scores forced a silent fist pump out of me while still at the computer surrounded by the other test takers. Many a thankful prayer has been said over my GRE and Fall. Seriously.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Flowers

 I love that Elliott once again appeased my love for all things coordinating and matchy-matchy and bought me orange roses since they of course scream Halloween
No pun intended. 
 The upside in an otherwise horrendous football season for ASU?
Look at the pictures. 
I love October. I have to say that Halloween parties are much better than any Christmas or New Year's shindig. I could definitely have an October baby down the road too, not to get off on another one of my month musings, but really! Cooler weather, not right in the middle of sick season, cute newborn baby costumes... Though I must say, Beckett's costume will be quite the display. 
He's going to be a Chubosaurus.
Ridiculously cute.    

Last night I dreamt I was in Paris only to realize that my GRE started in two hours. I was running all over the city looking for airport signs and taxis but of course had time to stop and take a break at the mere 30 ft tall Eiffel Tower. I must have been in the future where they have that Willy Wonka machine that shrinks everything as well as airplanes that can fly me from Paris to Arizona in an hour (I gave myself an hour to find the airport and an hour to fly home, naturally).   

(get it?)