Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mmmm like butta'

Elliott took me here last night:
We ordered this:

The Meatball Sub

And something that looked similar to this:
The Firehouse "Hero" Sub. It had roast beef (my fav), smoked turkey breast and Virginia Honey Ham. This picture is pretty spot on with representing the sheer amount of salivating meat that's piled onto the bread.

We got both as larges so that we could each trade and share our halves. They slid down my mouth so easily, though most things do when I'm starving, but the food was beyond delicious. Elliott usually goes there during his dental school's lunchtime with some classmates--ironically we even saw one of them there eating--but he held off going for a while to take me!

Elliott ate leisurely and was easily filled. I ravaged the subs, ate the pickels that came with each sub and was ready to take down more. I told him that the only explanation for this was that I had a mini- Elliott inside of me (no, that's not going to be his name, but he'll most likely continue the Elliott Brennan legacy of massive food take down without even a single burp or cringe). Those are my babies!

This morning as Elliott was getting ready for work I mumbled, "Mmmm meatball and hero subs." His only response was, "So that's what you're dreaming about these days." As I said previously, I have a mini-him eating right along side (and inside) me.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"It's Gonna Be A Holly Jolly Christmas--Cause You're Jolly With Your Belly."(shakes belly mockingly)--E.B.

Elliott and I always use this time of year to make our house a little more festive, a little more piney smelling (from our artificial "Evergreen" spray) and a little more... more... fattening, though when is it not?

This is my baby bump at 20 weeks. Enough said. Though I will make the comment that my shirt cost me $2.50 at Pac Sun. Sometimes it does pay to brave Arizona Mills. But only sometimes.
I told Elliott we absolutely HAD to use colored lights on our house. It's the next best thing to those old-fashioned pepper lights. It may have required an extra trip to Target to finish the job but it was beyond worth it.
While I was at the store, Elliott used the rejected white lights and decorated our lawn. I told him I thought his "spiraling" on the tree was preeeettttyyy impressive. Ugh, this picture reminds me of how badly I want--and nearly need--a new camera. A 4mp Kodak is going to take crappy pictures of even the cutest baby in the world (which will be ours). Anyone wanna get us some sort of Canon Rebel or any type of SLR for that matter??
I absolutely love our tree. It has a shimmery green star tree topper and is starting to become more and more covered with elegant and kitschy ornaments each year. My favorite holiday tradition growing up was receiving a new ornament from my mom each year. The Christmas after we got married--uh, so last Christmas--she gave us a beautiful porcelain ornament of a man dancing with his wife. It's a little hard to see in the picture (again, the camera problem) but I always put it right up front. I also got a vintage-looking brass ornament when we were in New Zealand of what else, but a map of the country.

I feel another blog post coming on completely devoted to my ornaments.
THIS is THE baby room. I can't wait until it's finished. We're painting it a green that I paint matched from this jewelry box I "bought" at Anthropologie. Granted, I had to return the jewelry box after I paint matched it because... It's overpriced... No surprise. We also got a quart of the navy color (just in case).

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Can you guess what this picture is??

Here is an update of my Winter Break To-Do List:
1. Done. And it's a boy in case you couldn't tell by that in your face TMI picture.
2. Done. And it's Directv.
3. Partially Done. Arizona Mills doesn't count.
4. Done. But I'm never satisfied.
5. Starting full-time tomorrow at ASU. Doing what? The same thing I've been doing off and on for almost two years. I don't think I'll ever address it on this blog so go ahead and email or Facebook me if you're dying to know.
6. Not necessary. We turned up our heat-- har har har.
7. Well... I'd say I'm making a bigger effort this year than last so let's just label this as "improving."
8. Done. I got this and found an online coupon for $10 off!
9. Done. But thirsty for more. Thanks to number 2, we're geared up for Monday night football tomorrow!
10. Elliott said today "We should just put that puzzle away." So... fail.

Oh, and that snow day? It's coming. Mark my words, it's coming.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

No Holiday Season Is Complete Without A Little Thomas Kinkade.

This Winter I want to...
1. Find out the sex of our baby
2. Give my husband something great for Christmas
3. Hit up the outlet malls!
4. Sleep in
5. Earn a little extra Christmas cash!
6. Stay bundled (as demonstrated by my husband and cat--note he looks like a Grandpa). That's what I'm aiming for. Still... what's the point with this weather?
7. Have a spiritually enriched holiday season
8. Buy my stretch mark cream
9. Watch some good Cardinals football.
10. Finish our epic Thomas Kinkade puzzle that's 90% snow... I wanted the kitty cat puzzle with lots of detail, but Elliott is really good at completing the solid parts so I can't complain too much. He's a puzzle hero.

Oh! And have a snow day spent sledding up North with Elliott!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

BFF (Black Friday Forever)

I love Black Friday. Love it. I spent many a Black Friday's at Arrowhead Mall in Glendale running around looking for "Brad" the weather guy from Channel 3 with my friend, uh, Brad. I even made it on tv one year for a free hair and makeup makeover Rolf's Salon was offering. Friend-Brad said my eye was twitching on screen.

My favorite Black Fridays, however, have been spent with Elliott because there was an absolute desperate purpose in his shopping goals. I love competition if it has to do with shopping. I do consider myself somewhat of a savvy shopper. Why, today I was given the compliment, "You are the best online shopper I know!" (and I have proof it came from people other than the ones I make up in my head). It nearly brought a tear to my eye. One day I hope to translate that success into actual "in-person shopping."

Elliott's and mine's first Black Friday was two years ago, shortly after we started dating. Elliott wanted an entire speaker system-- as in everything. So, only hours after returning home from his house in Tempe, I dragged myself out of bed at 2 am and drove all the way back (I was pretty much obsessed with the guy and still am). 3:30-ish, we took our cocoa and single camping chair and parked ourselves behind the growing line of people outside of Best Buy. No matter how long a Black Friday line is, it moves quickly. Everyone crazy enough to line up that early is at least sane enough to know that you can't just "walk" into a store once it opens. We ran to the back... actually, I ran to the bathroom and he ran to the back to find the exact speakers, cords and receiver that he had seen in the ad's and planned to buy. It was a close call, but he nabbed the last ones. After that, we were able to leisurely shop for movies, cd's and Christmas presents at a few different stores and then finish it off with a round of Orange Rolls at his house (and a nap). I was officially hooked on the planning for, scouting out and lining-up that went into seizing the best deals possible at who knows how many stores.

Last year was also so much fun as we took things a little less dramatically but were still ever-determined when planning out our shopping. We got a fantastic Christmas tree deal at Home Depot and so many little gadgets at Wal Mart. Plus, we were able to set up for our very first Christmas in our very first home together.

This year? Babies R Us, DUH!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm not gonna wear a ladies' wetsuit I'm a man, I got hurt feelings, I got hurt feelings--get me a small man's wetsuit please.

I was crazy when I was on birth control (fortunately, Elliott had already asked me to marry him when I started). This past June we went off "The Pill" in preparation for the normally foolish, but in our case planned, act of unprotected sex. In August I was pregnant and a few weeks later, started to feel just like I did on birth control! The hormones have hit worse than any physical ailment and it's been a treat for anyone who's come into contact with this lil princess. This clip is a spot-on reminder at how ridiculously easy it has been for me to get carried away with things that in reality, are trivial and probably laughable. I usually only get "frustrated" or "in a mood" at situations--not people--and I can't think of anyone that has said anything to upset me (so please no: "I'm sorry if I..." or "I'll be extra sensitive"-- nah, no, yuck, none of that). It's more of an I'm sorry if I... and Thank you for being superb friends and family.

Now, I also don't need all these responses of: "Don't worry, it's natural," or "These things happen," or "It takes time but you'll get through it." My gorgeous, newly shaved husband patiently reminds me of all that every time I apologize for "being crabs."

PS: We find out the sex of our baby December 5th! My due date is April 27th--my sister Anna's birthday! Truth be told, I am hoping for a May baby (sorry Anna, I will be happy with an April baby but ONLY if it's on your birthday).

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Jack" O' Lantern

Jack Dillenberg is who I was this Halloween. He is the dean of my dental school. Alisa was a bun in the oven! Cute as a button. Mine was a big hit at the dental school Boo Bash. Everyone told me I nailed it. It was at some sacrifice (my hair, shaved it) and a huge help from the wife... To shave where I couldn't see. Here are some pictures for everyone to enjoy.

The picture is a little bleached out.

Blackmail photos for the future.

I think you had to be there to see the Uncanny resemblance!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh! Darling

What does that look like to you? This picture reminds me of the inkblot images psychologists show during psych evaluations to determine weather or not you need more pills to help with all that crazy going on in your life. Anyway, digression aside; it is what you think it is. My fantastic husband was selfless enough to give me the gift of pregnancy and on HIS birthday--and we couldn't be more excited! Though I am not one to get terribly thrilled about the 9 months of pregnancy-- because it really has robbed me of several things including Rooster Booster's and Disneyland-- I am eccstatic for the after-part and couldn't be more determined to reach it as a cautious (staying away from soft cheese) and healthy (attempting to walk occasionally) mom. I'm already a third of the way through. I will be 14 weeks on Saturday. Elliott and some other friends had been pressuring me to make some sort of announcement on Facebook or on the blog but I knew I'd find more satisfaction out of waiting as long as I could to tell anyone (I would say something if they asked, or I'd tell close friend, etc.). I would've gone the whole 9 months without saying anything to the Ward or Facebook nation. It just would've been more entertaining that way. Anyway, Elliott and I are beyond happy and have already nabbed a few things for the him or her including a cute crib and dresser from Ikea. Now, to wait until we know the sex.

Monday, October 19, 2009

That girl be jealousssss.

This is the face of fear. The Chubby Cat has made quite a comeback and has left a devastating impression on our poor Lil Girl Cat. Like Chubby Cat, Lil Girl Cat has a gorgeous marmalade and deep black coat. I sense a little resentment from her though she is constantly reminded of her overwhelming--borderline obnoxious--presence inside the house.

Monday, October 5, 2009

About the Vegas Trip...

The pictures and re-cap of mine and Brianne's Las Vegas trip can be seen on the blog entitled "Trevor and Brianne Lines." She is a MUCH better blogger and an even better friend and sister-in-law! I have been so lazy lately and I'm certainly not as busy as she is.

I will at least post a few pictures from my birthday (September 21st) and Elliott's (August 1st).

Here's us at Elliott's birthday wearing our Lava Lavas that the Fa'alogo family gave us as we were leaving Auckland. Thanks to everyone who showed up for the special day (I'm feeling stupid since it was over two months ago ha ha)!
Here are the pictures from my birthday. Above is the Costco Cake that I designed MYSELF (butter cream frosting with vanilla cream cheese filling is the only way to go). We have tons still in our freezer that we've been needing to give away (HINT HINT). Below is Elliott and me in front of Houston's! We had so much fun that night with my parents who treated us. Thanks again!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Kisses and hugs, back rubs and loves. AND shows on the lappy before bed.

That's what welcome homes are like at the Brennan residence.

The recap on my exhaustingly FUN and silly weekend in Las Vegas with Brianne to come shortly!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy 24th.

I know this is a few days late but I do give myself a pat on the back for actually starting the post on his birthday. I wanted to wait until I had more pictures of us from his birthday get- together with family (complete with slip 'n slide) but those will just have to come later. I also wanted to nab a few pictures of Elliott on the last day of his mission (which was his birthday in 2006) but those too will come later. I ALSO wanted to scan a few pictures of Elliott in the MTC (when he actually looked my age) but I fear those will come even later. Dang. Pictures make a blog so much better.

Elliott turned 24 on Saturday. I tell him that he's now 5 years older than I am (even though I'll be 20 next month). He assured me that we were still only 4 years and 50 something days apart. My attempts to freak him out as a cradle robber are usually hit or miss. Anyway, we had so much fun on Saturday BBQ-ing, slip 'n sliding, eating and spending time with family (thanks for coming over everyone)!

I'm so glad I married this boy. He's my sweetheart.

Oute alofa ia te oe, Oute fia mana'o ia te oe, ma le va'ai o'oe totonou o lou miti... Ou te le malama lama fa'a Samoa... Ua lelei.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Home... Trip Review

Home safe and sound. We showed a little slide show to the family today at my Bday party. So, without further ado, here is the never before released photos from

Goodbye Sky Harbor
First place mission pres took me (One Tree Hill)

What a Dream Soccer Field... Green and top of a mountain! About 5 minutes jog from where I lived for a while. We would come here on Pdays and morning jogs.
Amazing Bed and Breakfast in Whangarei
Silver Fern
Little Doll
Pinati's Keke Pua'a (Pork buns, mmmm)
Nicest hotel either of us has ever stayed in (Langham Auckland)
Dream come true... Honestly a life goal, All Blacks Game W 19-16
Me with the Fa'alogo family
McHugh's for lunch. I had thought I wanted to take my wife here some day when my mission president took me here for lunch just before going home.
McHugh's again from the outside
Dairies... A different kind of Quik-E-Mart
Me and Elda Brown in the botanical gardens. We've swelled a bit!
Us at the Temple
Luging and Laughing
Forgot the name of the geyser... Whoops. In Te Puia Maori experience.
Holding my little hobbit in front of Bilbo and Froto's house
Gorgeous... and the lake the mountains are nice too
Me with the top in the background
Us with the skiing view
Working so hard she was just worn out!
Penguins! at the Antarctic center

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Zealand Pictures

We have about ten minutes of internet time left in the hotel so we are going to just post a couple of pictures showing what we've been up to. We have over 600 pictures already.
This is a picture of temple day. I picked the wrong one. There is one with us in front.
This is me with my favorite Maori companion, Josh Brown. We've both swelled a little.

Me with the Fa'alogo family. They are amazing. He became bishop and his son is leaving on a mission.

This is about the hottest thing I've ever seen. My blonde wifey posing for me at the All Blacks game. They won 19-16. Thats one more thing I can check off the life goals list. You'll notice we were among the first people to arrive. Freezing!

In the plane, leaving AZ.
Stay tuned. Plenty more to come... Today we went luging and rode in a gondola. Had a pie and fish and chips for lunch. Watched some Maori performances. Toured a geyser and boiling mud near a Marai. We then sat in some mineral hot pools for a little while and topped it off with dinner from Hell's Pizza. Pretty full and fun day!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

It's the final countdown (cue Asia music)

Elliott and I are going here on July 14:

and here... (Hobbiton)
and also here... (Queenstown)

Sadly I can't say I know all too much about New Zealand other than the fact that its seasons run opposite from here and that Elliott served his mission in the Auckland area speaking Samoan from August '04-'06 (pretty badass I know). Elliott's excitement alone-- which, for the time being, is sadly overshadowed by studying for dental boards-- is what's making me truly excited for us to take this trip. Not knowing a lot about missions in general (growing up in a family of girls with a father who was a convert) continues to make me especially curious about what Elliott's mission was like. The way he would talk about the places, people, language and experiences he enjoyed made me want to be able to go back with him as soon as possible before the memory faded. It's hard to relate to the life of a missionary until you have served a mission and even then, each one is so different from the next. I still can't say it enough at how thrilled I am to gain at least some clarification, insight and perspective into those two years of service he put in--especially since I didn't know him while he was on his mission (a shame since I would've made a fantastic pen pal).

Aside from visiting his old friends, families and companions, we're going to the All Blacks' rugby game to watch them do the Haka and win against Australia! We'll also be going through the temple in Hamilton and like the true nerd I am, Elliott agreed to take me to Hobbiton where parts of the Lord of the Rings were filmed. After spending a week in the Auckland area, we're going to fly down to the south island and spend some time in Christchurch then ski/snowboard in Queenstown for a day. Cheers mates!.... I think that's how they say it in England, not NZ, but close enough right?