Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Foods, True Foods

     As if I haven't boobed about it enough through other venues, I got my Wisdom Teeth **unexpectedly** taken out on Wednesday. I went in for a cleaning since Elliott (and his other half, Jonny) were there observing for school, and instead, had x-rays taken and my husband enthusiastically insisting we go for it--hey, it was worth it. Trevor, with Elliott's assistance, was kind enough to do it and it was quite the ugly site at times (well, I only heard the cracking and crunching and drilling) but I can guarantee it looked even worse on their end. And no, I wasn't sedated. From the horror stories I've heard people tell me about their bad reactions and sickness from sedatives, I'm glad I wasn't. Ok, and maybe I didn't want to because I've never been "put under" before and have this slight fear of it. Yes, worse than my fear of shots, sutures, and the sounds of cracking, crunching and drilling teeth coming from inside my mouth.  
     Four days later, I am still on my pill cocktail of Vicodin, Penicillin, and Ibuprofen, but that's expected. I'm doing much better than I was this morning and I think it'll only improve. The fun and entertaining part of this whole ordeal has been my newfound diet (and increased crazy). 

Jamba Juice's new Fruit and Veggie smoothies. After having Betty Crocker Instant Mashed Potatoes and Macaroni and Cheese for a few dinners, I decided to make the "healthy choice" and try Jamba's Apple 'n Greens smoothie (top left...hence "greens"). Yeah, you could taste the carrots, spinach, bell peppers, kale, spirulina and lettuce. It was a fun try but... I'll stick to our signature "Orange-A-Peel" in the future. 

I've also had plenty of these:
Lastly, I just tried these little "Gems" from Target.
Fat Free, Gluten Free, and LOTS of Vitamin C. 
To die for, but a little pricey. 
Sadly this brings me to one of my many embarrassing stories that I am typically able to censor from public scrutiny. 
I wrote a letter to the Jelly Belly company not too long ago. Care to read it?
 I don't write letters to companies if I've been "wronged." I don't call to make complaints on people. I don't send dishes back if I don't like them. I don't return movie tickets. I don't like being a complainer because even if it puts a damper on my day, I don't need to spread it around, even if I feel "wronged," which, how often are we every really "wronged" enough to make a public fuss? Most of the time the person in charge will never know of your frustration and the poor guy trying to earn his $8.50 an hour doesn't need your guff (or in this case, my guff).  I don't need "redemption." It's just too much. 
Anyway, I feel very passionate about it (as if that's not dramatic enough) but perhaps, the Vicodin took over. 
Recently, I was pushed too far by my Sunkist Gems. I emailed them--*gasp*! Please enjoy this glimpse into my ultra-paranoid and ultra-type A personality::

To Whom It May Concern:
Hi, my name is Alisa Brennan and not one hour ago, (Elliott reading this out loud bursts into laughter) I purchased the "Sunkist Gems" candy from my local Target store. I was skeptical about paying so much ($3.79) for a small bag of candy, but knew that the upstanding quality of Jelly Belly (combined with Sunkist) would give me my money's worth. I opened the bag to find an abysmal (YES IT REALLY WAS ABYSMAL)variety of flavors that left me very disappointed and feeling as though I wasted $4. I took a picture of all 22 candies for proof, (I really did, and organized them into a grid so that the quantity could easily be counted) but since there is no area to upload one, (there wasn't--they were rather cheeky in only allowing a submission form for FAQs on their website where you could only provide your email) will simply say that 7 candies were lemon and a staggering 11 candies were lime. 2 candies were orange and 2 were grapefruit. There were ZERO raspberry flavored--as advertised on the bag (I'm just prepping for my statistics class next week). If this were a bag of Skittles, I'd shrug my shoulders and accept the 77 cent loss. If I'm already paying $4 for a small bag of candy and get the least popular flavors (honestly, Lemon and Lime?) I would be much appreciative of a refund or a new bag. You have my email address and my Home address is:
(Insert My Home Address)
Phone: (Insert My Phone)
Now, I still love Jelly Belly and Sunkist products! I am just a bit disappointed that I paid so much for a product and got so little out of it. Thank you so much! Have a great day (do you like how I still want to be liked by the Jelly Belly Company so I say that I still love them?).

I think the Vicodin is talking a little too much on this blog.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chillin' Out, Maxin', Relaxin' All Cool.

How Not to Enter A Pool

I just love Elliott's red hair. No really, I put this picture up just for his hair. And the baby too... 


My two sisters gave Beckett his very first pool for his birthday. It has been a complete riot. We love it. I also love that Beckett's one-year birthday falls at the beginning of summer so when I buy him a normal 12-18 month bathing suit, he looks slightly hood climbing into that pool of his. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Now I Don't Need No Wah-Wah's.

Friday, May 20, 2011

It Starts With

Him elbowing her in the ear (on accident...or was it? No, it was, that's not nice.)
He's not having it, she's not having it. 

He shows her how it is apparently annoying to display affection by placing your arm across your loved one's waist.

Once more to get the message across.

And now you get something that resembles an anniversary photo.
 Take one every year people.
Thanks Brianne, our official anniversary photographer.  

Elliott and I went to the Melting Pot where I attempted to taste everything despite not being able to taste anything due to a severely congested nose. I kept eating their salsa by the spoonful to clear everything up. I even blew my nose into their nice cloth napkins (I know that's what they're there for, but really... Gross.) It really is a strange feeling to just eat everything in site, not being able to tell if it's rich, spicy, or gross, and suddenly have this sick feeling in your stomach. It's how we Brennan's do it, and what I could taste, was fantastic. It is definitely a fun place to eat. Here's to many more future anniversary dinners, photos that turn into photo shoots, and scandalous black curtains that isolate your booth from the rest of the restaurant. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

As Long As You Are Here With Me-

 -This Will Feel Like Home.

Elliott and I on our Honeymoon in Beaver Creek, Colorado. We are standing on top of Glenwood Canyon at what we would perhaps consider our "Happy Place"--Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.  
Oh to return soon. Today is our third wedding anniversary. I love this forever marriage of mine and this forever man of mine. Our lives have become much more comfortable, secure, and private. They have become natural and ours.  I admire the ground we have covered over these seemingly short, but lasting years, and am only more prepared and excited for whatever will come and cause us to progress. 

"When You Need Direction, I'll Be The Guide. For All Time." 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dig it.

Yesterday Beckett had his first Krispy Kreme donut. He was there last year, but was a wee bit young to have a donut. I'm certain this was the perfect way to come off from having the stomach flu... Right? Right. Here's to hoping he won't have a stomach ache.

He may be scrunchin' that face, but he really was feeling much better by then. 

(Waiting in line last year for their 365 Cards (good for one free donut and coffee a day for a year).  Ten-day-old Beckett is snoozing under the blankie.This year they made us donate $20 to charity and we got a 365 card plus 3 dozen donuts. Yeah, I wasn't in favor of this trip. I've officially had enough of KK. Sorry charity.

That picture reminded me that Elliott has had braces for nearly a year (his brother has them too now, go figure). He is supposed to get them off in December. We (mainly I) will have a celebratory party. I think I will have earned it. Speaking of parties; Elliott and I had a very special party last Sunday. We have parties all the time, actually, but they usually just consist of us two at home. This party was in celebration of us finally reaching the end of "The Sopranos" as it was airing on A&E. We shed quite a few tears, had several near-heart attacks, and stopped breathing numerous times over the course of the last several months, but we made it. Incredible show.
Left to right: Bruschetta with tomatoes and mozzarell', Chocolate Ganache Cake, sparkling grape juice (vino), pepperoni pizza, Italian sausages, Penne Arrabbiata, antipasto, and garlic French bread. We died and I didn't eat for a few days since I couldn't STOP being full.    

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's D---*YACK.*

Mother's Day Ranuculus. 

On Mother's Day, a nice lady in Church walked over to sit by me in Sunday School, pulled the hem of my skirt down, and told me "it" was showing. (I'm not being sarcastic here, she was very nice to tell me).
Then, Beckett screamed and screamed in everyone's ears while I shoved his face with the ever-healthy cereal, Froot Loops with marshmallows
I finally took Beckett outside where he, while I was talking to another nice lady, threw up his Froot Loops (with marshmallows) on the floor.
I supposed I may have deserved it, but I thought that having my underwear showing in public had already made it even.
I told Elliott that Church had been h-e-youknowwhat. And it kinda was. It was worth it though, to stick it out the whole three hours, even if it was for the sake of being able to take the same car to Church and leave at the same time (a rarity). I like driving with him. No distractions (we try to not talk on the phone when the other is in the car) and it can be fun to go somewhere, especially if it's home. 
Today Beckett has the stomach flu. 
I went to Wal Mart at 5am this morning to get some Pedialyte. Since I didn't have to wait in line for the Red Box, I also rented "Burlesque." Obviously, I will be Elliott-less tonight (as opposed to Eliot Ness tonight) but maybe I just like a little Stanley Tucci to make me laugh.

There are so many explanations for the above statements that would make you nod your head and go "I see now why," but I'm working on not over-apologizing or making too many excuses for myself. Maybe this was an excuse in itself. Oh well. "Baby Steps," says Dr. Leo Marvin.  

Sunday, May 8, 2011

You Made Me One.

Thank you, Elliott.
Thank you, Beckett.
Thank you, Mother of mine. 
Thank you, Pam.
I am not a mother by my own hand.
I owe it to many.
Especially my Heavenly Father. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

I love Cinco de Mayo; but really, I just love any excuse to have fun with the day and EAT. The lovely lovely lovely people at ASU Library Storage threw Beckett a birthday party today and combined it with Cinco de Mayo (and I do have to say it was Kacey's half birthday so let's throw that in the mix too)!

I believe that our friend Joel put it best when he said, "There's a sort of reverence for the Bell." Maybe Beckett was overjoyed to finally be reunited with the food he had all. during. his. time. in. the. womb.
 One super talented guy made this koala piñata from scratch. Beckett wasn't having any part of it--refused a bat AND golf club! 
 Gotta love storage wrapping. Seriously, you gotta. 
 Clearly irritated at the little bubble bug for constantly zooming away from him. 
Nothing Bundt Cakes "Bundtinis"

One Bundtini too many. 

The other students working there said we weren't allowed to bring up Koalas anymore after today. I'm not quite sure how the Koala kwaze got started. No I'm lying, it's because of the fighting Koala video we all watched at storage and just couldn't let go of. 

I'm more of a cat person, really!   


I absolutely cannot say how much fun I have we with these people. They are great and we ALL love "Baby Days." Thank you as always! Until our next party! 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Beckett Turns 1.

I have loved doing these monthly age posts, and they all have seemed to gradually build towards this day. This year has "lasted forever and ended so soon" as 2002's Mandy Moore would put it... Ok, so maybe baby Charlie and I watched "A Walk to Remember" together on Saturday. I had to take advantage of having a girl over to visit somehow! 

Today, Brianne and Lily met us at Sprinkle's (where they are starting to recognize us AND where we clearly had to take some pictures)! I got Beckett a dark chocolate and a few others... three... for Elliott and I. One was free though, so really, it [should] even out. Did you know if you "Like" Sprinkles on Facebook they tell you secret words almost every day to get free cupcakes? 

 I couldn't help but tell EVERYONE who noticed Beckett that it was his birthday. He received lots of smiles, tickles, and even a free dessert. We made sure to have cake and presents early because of my class, and were still able to have a riot. Beckett, I'm glad you're the type of baby that has as much fun on his first birthday as the parents do. 

Beckett it is hard to believe you are mine. It is hard to believe that one year ago I was doped and delirious in a hospital bed and didn't quite yet know you. It is hard to believe that yes, we really did get this lucky. It is hard to believe that the clothes, supplies, trinkets and items of sentiment we bought months and months in advance have actually come to be used by you, that they didn't indefinitely remain in their boxes set up in your closet. You are real, and you are here each day with more effervescence for life than anyone. You are inspiring and I am so purely and deeply in love with you. 
Happy. Birthday

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dearest May:

You are here. Stay.

Tomorrow Beckett turns ONE.
Tomorrow Bella turns TEN.
Tomorrow Claire turns FIVE.

I do hope the girls feel better by tomorrow; once again sickness has plagued the Lines' home. 

On Wednesday Jonny turns THIRTY.
On Friday Apryl turns TWENTY SEVEN.
Next Tuesday Ryan turns TWENTY SEVEN. 
(and last Wednesday Anna turned TWENTY FIVE). 
I love birthday marathon May (slash April).
I just love May.
I love the green.
I love the breezes.
I love Memorial Day pool-sides and movies.
I love barbeques.
I love that I always have school off (which makes it fitting for June when I'll have 4-nights-a-week classes for four weeks). Boo June.
And I love my wedding anniversary... Lest we forget.
If I ever have any girls, I may have to incorporate May into one of their names. 

For Beckett's birthday I will, naturally, whisk him off to Sprinkles to pick out his very own first cupcake... while I pick out a few more for me. I purchased a "1" birthday sparkler from Smeeks to light for him. We will then go to CPK for a birthday lunch with Elliott. I have class tomorrow night and will have to cut the festivities short. Not to worry, we are having a Storage Birthday Party (and half birthday party for Kacey) on Thursday (piñata included) and on Saturday, will be having a combined family birthday party at Costa Vida to celebrate Apryl's birthday as well! 


Enjoy your Sunday/Sabbath/Day of Rest.

Oh, and I love Mother's Day.