Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The New Face of Failure

Our Pat Sajak keychain means a lot to us. After filling out fake information for a Sony Card they gave him to me. What?! I had to walk away with SOMETHING. Last Saturday, Elliott and I tried out for WHEEL! OF! FORTUNE! They had three "mock" shows that lasted an hour each. A total of 20-30 people were called onstage in groups of five to solve puzzles and show off their personality. Let me tell you. That Pat Sajak wannabe host missed out on a LOT of personality by not calling up me or Elliott. Before each show, everyone had to put their applications into what is fondly known as the "Barrel of Dreams." Of course, our dreams were lost in the barrel that day. We did see a lot of people that we knew there--comforting to know we weren't the only ones doing this. We only put in our applications for the second show, not having the timliness to arrive on time for the first and not having the stamina to stay for the third.

Those who are crying for us need not worry, there's still some hope. They said that at the end of the tryouts they would pull a few more names at random and invite those people to the final audition. Let's see, 300-400 people per show, three shows Saturday, three shows Sunday... That means we have a 2 in 2000 chance of getting pulled!