Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Jack" O' Lantern

Jack Dillenberg is who I was this Halloween. He is the dean of my dental school. Alisa was a bun in the oven! Cute as a button. Mine was a big hit at the dental school Boo Bash. Everyone told me I nailed it. It was at some sacrifice (my hair, shaved it) and a huge help from the wife... To shave where I couldn't see. Here are some pictures for everyone to enjoy.

The picture is a little bleached out.

Blackmail photos for the future.

I think you had to be there to see the Uncanny resemblance!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh! Darling

What does that look like to you? This picture reminds me of the inkblot images psychologists show during psych evaluations to determine weather or not you need more pills to help with all that crazy going on in your life. Anyway, digression aside; it is what you think it is. My fantastic husband was selfless enough to give me the gift of pregnancy and on HIS birthday--and we couldn't be more excited! Though I am not one to get terribly thrilled about the 9 months of pregnancy-- because it really has robbed me of several things including Rooster Booster's and Disneyland-- I am eccstatic for the after-part and couldn't be more determined to reach it as a cautious (staying away from soft cheese) and healthy (attempting to walk occasionally) mom. I'm already a third of the way through. I will be 14 weeks on Saturday. Elliott and some other friends had been pressuring me to make some sort of announcement on Facebook or on the blog but I knew I'd find more satisfaction out of waiting as long as I could to tell anyone (I would say something if they asked, or I'd tell close friend, etc.). I would've gone the whole 9 months without saying anything to the Ward or Facebook nation. It just would've been more entertaining that way. Anyway, Elliott and I are beyond happy and have already nabbed a few things for the him or her including a cute crib and dresser from Ikea. Now, to wait until we know the sex.

Monday, October 19, 2009

That girl be jealousssss.

This is the face of fear. The Chubby Cat has made quite a comeback and has left a devastating impression on our poor Lil Girl Cat. Like Chubby Cat, Lil Girl Cat has a gorgeous marmalade and deep black coat. I sense a little resentment from her though she is constantly reminded of her overwhelming--borderline obnoxious--presence inside the house.

Monday, October 5, 2009

About the Vegas Trip...

The pictures and re-cap of mine and Brianne's Las Vegas trip can be seen on the blog entitled "Trevor and Brianne Lines." She is a MUCH better blogger and an even better friend and sister-in-law! I have been so lazy lately and I'm certainly not as busy as she is.

I will at least post a few pictures from my birthday (September 21st) and Elliott's (August 1st).

Here's us at Elliott's birthday wearing our Lava Lavas that the Fa'alogo family gave us as we were leaving Auckland. Thanks to everyone who showed up for the special day (I'm feeling stupid since it was over two months ago ha ha)!
Here are the pictures from my birthday. Above is the Costco Cake that I designed MYSELF (butter cream frosting with vanilla cream cheese filling is the only way to go). We have tons still in our freezer that we've been needing to give away (HINT HINT). Below is Elliott and me in front of Houston's! We had so much fun that night with my parents who treated us. Thanks again!