Sunday, September 21, 2008

I did it!

I broke the idiot-proof confusion of not knowing how to upload a new template!

The week was pretty long for us. Until the weekend.

This picture was taken today and was rather rushed since "someone" had to "study" (aka follow up on his fantasy football team). Oh well, hopefully we'll be able to snag another one later tonight. Thanks for taking the picture Elliott! I know I have some problems getting the camera in the right place.

So... We went to Black Angus 'cause we had a coupon and you really can't pass up 20 pounds of food for $33.95. It was just oh so yummy! Elliott hadn't been there before and... judging by how much we both ate, I can honestly say that it was a meal well spent and enjoyed. After that, we walked Superstition Springs Mall for an hour or so to kill time before the movie--Ghost Town! We laughed during the entire thing but nowhere as much (or loud) as the lady sitting next to Elliott (she was a clapper), but honestly, those people make the movie more fun (sometimes).

Elliott eating the sampler platter! He let me have all of the shrimp cocktail since it was my birffday (he's my hero)! The waitress' exact comments at the end of the meal were: "I've never had anyone NOT ask for a box when eating this meal!" Liz, the waitress was pretty nice.

Me eating the cake. Yeah, I know I look a bit gooberish but hey, Elliott doesn't believe in taking multiple pictures to get a good shot and I felt like Michelle Tanner (you know, the little girl from Full House who's obsessed with chocolate cake)?? And NO, I was not a cake monster, Elliott definitely pulled his weight for someone who doesn't have a sweet tooth--even if I "hogged" all the ice cream. Just kidding! Again, he's always so nice and forgiving when it comes to food. I can be a bit of a monsser sometimes but I juss' love him so much! Thanks for the best birthday ever!
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Monday, September 8, 2008

Still not there.

Thanks for the compliment Sarah! BUT! I'm still not satisfied. When I originally uploaded the wedding picture, it was too off-center. Then, when I uploaded the zoomed, cropped version, it was too much face and not enough "empty" space for the blog title and description. THEN. I went to or whatever the site is called and it kept telling me I had an email error! THEN. When I tried to copypaste the URL code thing into my "Add Elements" box--I didn't have an "Add Elements" box! At least it kept me busy for a while on Saturday when Elliott was out makin' money (such a breadwinner)!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Marriage and 21.

I know we started the blog after we got married, so I've been debating about whether or not going through an entire re-cap of the marriage or just waiting for the one-year anniversary. I think I'll wait. But! In the meantime, this is my favorite wedding picture. I want to put it up so that its part of the headline (you know, how some expert bloggers do it so that it's formatted all nice with the actual title of their blog)? Ok, well I haven't mastered that yet so here it is for now. We really need to order our wedding prints so that uber-fake attractive couple models aren't in our picture frames anymore.

Oh, and we just watched 21--that card movie with the British guy who can't handle an American accent worth shiite. I'm glad we watched it illegally because any other way would have been a waste of money. At least they chose a black actor other than Sam Jackson to play a hardcore thug.

Oh, and an editor for the Gilbert section of the East Valley Tribune said she'd help me get published for my Journalism 301 class! We have to get 6 stories published by Dec. 8 and each one we don't is a letter grade down. In other words, Patti Epler of the Trib. is going to be recieving a rather nice "Thank-you" note from me on December 9th if all of this works out.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dove Hunting September!

Went dove hunting the first and second and am sure there are more days to come. With the expanding city we are always pressed to find new hunting sites not too far away from home and the heavy dove population. This years site was just of Ironwood Rd. just north of Germann. The mosquitos were out in full but i was able to get 9 the first day and 6 the second. My accuracy leaves somethiung to be desired this year for sure.

I've gotten pretty efficient and quick at cleaning them. Also tried a new way to eat 'em this year. We surfed the web and were able to find a pretty good recipe involving the crock pot. It was quite spicy and quite good. There were a few techniques to get rid of the gamey flavor too. I'll put the recipe below here for future reference and the curiosity of our followers.

~ 6-8 dove breasts, skinned~ 1 medium chopped onion ~ 1 can cream of mushroom soup ~ 1 can diced tomatoes and chilis ~ 1 clove garlic, chopped~ Salt and pepper to taste

Soak the breasts in salt water solution for 20-30 minutes (1 Tbsp salt to 4 cups water.) Rinse the birds and set aside. Place all ingredients in the crockpot. Stir and cover. Turn crockpot on low. Cook time approximately 6-8 hours. Serve with mashed potatoes, rice, or noodles.

She's playing dress up. I'm her hero! It turns out this picture is probably more likely to get pulled than the cricket one from the last posting.
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