Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Thoughts Come Full Circle

My husband is out skiing at Brighton. We are currently enjoying our Christmas in the snow with Nana and Papa. Nan' ran a quick errand so I decided to get online and type up some of her famous recipes. Already have I gained 2494949asdfkdl pounds (that's a real number) from texas sheet cake, oatmeal cake, Sweet Tooth Fairy cakes, Mini's cupcakes, Dough Girl (now Ruby Snap) cookies, and Ben and Jerry's... Birthday CAKE flavor. Oopsie! Naturally, instead of typing the recipes I got distracted by the blog. I decided I wanted some pictures but didn't want to load all of my camera pics and clutter up a computer that isn't mine. Then I decided to take a frowny webcam face and say, "Sorry, I haven't blogged like I said I would," but it led to other ridiculous pictures then a legit frowny picture (bottom left) that was actually my relaxed, "I refuse to try and pose anymore" face. No wonder people think I'm irritated all the time.

Which, if I may digress, don't say to people, "Don't look so excited" or "You don't look happy!" Those things are often said as jokes but are as funny as asking someone who doesn't have kids, "WHEN YA GONNA START POPPIN' OUT THOSE BABIES?" Obnoxious. Unfunny. Trite. ANYWAY. 

Nana got home and the last picture is of me making sure I'm alone so that I can make my goofy pictures. Feeling stupid, that was the last picture I took. We love being here though the drive was h-e-l-l (yeah Utah people, your hideous snow storm can go... Well, I've used enough trashy sassy talk on here). We can't wait to spoil Beckett on his first Christmas. Have a good holiday and a Merry New Year. With loves, Alisa, Elliott & Beckett (or CaleCale as we call him).

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sing Song

My favorite of this season.
You all knew my favorite *current day?* band is The Killers, right?
I mean, come on. 
With Brandon Flower's face fronting the band, why wouldn't they be anyone's favorite?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Carry That Weight.

As of yesterday
I've lost 52 pounds since Beckett was born (7 months). 
I worked my ass rear off.
(I'll be honest, the bulk (pun intended) of it came off in two months just by gong through what we call, "the motions") 
But still.
It was hard. It's still hard (let's all talk about TONING). But it's possible.
I feel healthy.
 The end.
Returning to a more photogenic state near you!

This brings me to another post that I think I'll do this next week.
The Belly Band Review. Don't know what it is? You will.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Holiday Night Synopsis via Phone Pictures

Holiday Catalogs. I don't even look through them anymore. What's the point? Ok, maybe to show Elliott a few goodies I wouldn't mind seeing in my stocking, but come on. Christmas is about buying OTHER people goodies. Besides, they'll all be on winter clearance in a month. 

Beckett's Christmas Eve jammies. Fitting for our Christmas in the snow. 

  So there's a Juicy Couture outlet at Arizona Mills. Yeah. There is. Been open a month and a half. Know how I know (other than the fact that the cashier told me)? They haven't trained their employees on security magnet removal yet. Yeah, going back to that already overwhelming mall on a Saturday AND to it's most popular store no less should be great. 

 Christmas presents (almost all of them) ready to be taken up to Nana and Papa when we visit soon. Most are from Santa. Please don't tell Beckett. 
 My new Christmas candle. I really love it--one of the benefits of braving Arizona Mills. They have a Bath and Body Works Outlet. Though let's face it, most of the time the 50% discount on candles isn't worth the trek and crowds. But let's revisit the Juicy topic. Despite the whole magnet debacle, my once (or twice) a year visit was well worth the irritation. 
White is great all year long. Let's not be crazy. Love these Le Creuset dishes. Each one less than $10 at Marshall's. Speaking of, they have a Le Creuset outlet at Anthem (much higher up on the hierarchy of Valley shopping malls than AZ Mills). I haven't been to that store... When Brianne and I visit (since those trips should never be taken alone) we spend too much time in the J. Crew outlet. Our record is 2 and a half hours.

And lastly.
I'm SO excited for the Christmas cards to arrive in the mail. Seriously. It's our first year of doing them (and of course there's ONLY a picture of Beckett. The whole thing was very impromptu, I really had to pass on orchestrating a family picture. Next year.) Now, what dessert will compliment our lovely Christmas Carsds? Well... We'll probably mail all the cards so sorry. But still. We ARE looking for a yummy treat to make... or assemble. Off to Trader Joe's to buy their yummy goodies and disguise them as our own. Whatever we do, we certainly won't come close to Krista's HOMEMADE marshmallows (to compliment Trader Joe's Sipping Chocolate) and HOMEMADE candied/cinnamon roasted/whatever pecans. Everything super good.Sheesh girl.  

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All Things Crocheted

In Beckett's room there is a shelf that contains the no touchie toys. The toys that are, if you will, the presents you buy your family, friends, whoever, just because you want to use them. I've been a victim and a perpetrator. On top of his bookshelf rests these precious gems that I will absolutely love forever (and don't worry, I'll let Beckett have them since they're rightfully his). 

1.The octopus(pi) family. Crocheted by my dear and lovely friend (from ASU storage of course) Abby. She recently graduated from ASU as a fibers and textiles major. She also earned a national scholarship for her work (seriously, that was a huge deal since only ONE person in the country gets it) to open up her own studio. As more babies pop out, I will surely bribe (pay her the big $$$) and harass any which way I can to get her to add to my little family of three. I love, love, love them. 

2.The stacking rings. The base is supposed to be a frog then, from bottom to top, a ladybug, bumblebee and dragonfly. This was  made by my dear mother, and was my favorite gift... uh, I mean, Beckett's favorite gift... at Thanksgivingmas. I keep telling her to make an etsy shop in conjunction with my grandma (who is a master knitter, crocheter, sewer, cross sticher as well) and they would make the big $$$ too. Probably because I would immediately buy out their shop. 
Now, speaking of etsy shops, I tell my other dear friend and former bosslady at ASU storage to create an etsy shop in conjunction with Abby since she too is like the aforementioned ladies of craftability. I was recently informed that her own creation for Beckett's Christmas present is currently being knitted as I'm typing this. I'm excited. She doesn't hold back. Anything. 

And lastly, I can't let a December 8th pass by without paying homage to the man who started the greatest band that can: 
John Lennon. 
Please note the shirt. When Elliott and I were dating a man in Walgreen's (no we didn't go ON a date to Walgreen's) stopped me and told me how much he loved my shirt. He had a perm mullet. Elliott told him he probably made my day. And he did. 
And don't have a panic attack, those were Welch's Sparklings. WELCH'S SPARKLINGS. The most party I can get out of those is a trip to the bathroom every 3 minutes because of a sugar overload.  And once upon a time I was really that skinny. 
The end. 
Please enjoy the following video (because I get made fun of for excessively talking about all things karma, jinxing, superstition, etc):

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Free Usually Means Easy, Right?

Especially in this case.
I love Shutterfly. It is through that company that Elliott proposed to me with a book compiled of pictures and memories from the months we had spent dating. The last pages contained a picture of him holding an engagement ring and a proposal to match. Shutterfly will always hold a special place in my heart as well since that is where subsequent books documenting our lives have been designed and ordered, only to deliver yet another special experience as we look through the pages of memories we created in life, and online.
Now. Enough gush.
I heard about this promo and, not being one to follow along with giveaway and re-blogging gimmicks, am willing to break my unspoken rule for the sake of Shutterfly... Since this isn't really all that gimmicky...
Elliott and I have never had a Christmas card. Until now. Thanks to Shutterfly, just by posting a few favorite designs of mine, we earned a whopping 50 free cards.
With the exception of liking just a few stamps, BOOM, free holiday shout-outs to all of your family and friends!
Here are some of my holiday/Christmas favorites:

If you're an overachiever and already have all those Christmas and holiday cards in the mail, you can look at the other many goodies on their site like THIS and THIS
Wanna be a joiner just like me?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beckett Turns 7 Months and More C.C.

Beckett is getting bigger. Louder. Happier. Less patient. More fun. 

Meanwhile, I'm taking him here to have his silhouette done by Judith Housel. She is supposed to be pretty good I hear. Well, I've also seen. She's done Brianne's kids and their silhouettes are phenomenal. If Beckett's big cheeks go away, I would forever curse myself for not having a silhouette of them.  I can NOT wait, it's my Christmas present to me. 
Sitting on my counter top are this month's Sprinkle's Christmas flavors. Need a hint as to what they are? Fine. They're Eggnog, Vanilla Peppermint and Chocolate Peppermint. I picked up a few cupcakes this morning to take to my dear friends (and former supers) at ASU Library Storage for the ex-bossman's big 5-1. Needless to say, it was a success. 
On so many levels. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Since many members of the Day family will be on separate sides of the country this holiday season, we decided to combine Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Don't worry, we still kept the "Christ" in "Christmas" despite what the name says. We had our traditional Turducken, which has always sufficed for two holidays worth of food. Oh yes, I said Turducken. Don't like meat? I feel bad for you. 'Cause it is somes gooooood meat. Or meats. It's Cajun sausage and cornbread stuffing shoved into the belly of a chicken which is shoved into the belly of a duck which is then, ultimately, shoved into the belly of a Turkey. It's good. But guess what? I didn't eat any! Why? Because I had a 24 hour flu--not cold, flu (shakes, cold sweats, and unstoppable stomach problems)--and was only able to eat a biscuit and crystal lite. Boo. So that was my Thanksgivmas. The flu. Guess that's what I get for so publicly announcing how willing I am to devour a 3-in-1 bird(s). It was still a great time and I suppose I can look on the brightside and double up on food for Christmastime since I gained zero weight for this holiday. Or holidays... We celebrated 2-in-1, that's right.
Smiling through the pain. Kept strong by Elliott's promises of taking care of me (not that I wasn't here) and wrapping me up in huge blankets once we got home.
Beckett playing with Ryan's toy (OBVIOUSLY).  Where's the ASU love?
 Ryan playing with Beckett's toy.

 Before coming to my parents, Elliott went back to his old stomping grounds in Tempe to play the *at least* 15th Annual Turkeybowl... or Turdbowl... or something like that. All of these guys (of whom I only know a handful) put on a pretty good show for us wives and girlfriends. Elliott and I couldn't help but notice that they had every single guy this year for the game. Though not everyone lives in Arizona anymore, they still come back for family or other reasons and find time to get beat up, despite the recent move to flag football over tackle. 
I'm sure it's not hard to spot Elliott. See the fireman mustache and baby?