Thursday, October 9, 2008

Concert and Food!

Elliott and I got free tickets to see Plain White T's, Dashboard Confessional and Panic at the Disco courtesy of the generosity of Ruben. We started the night off by going to Garduno's at Westgate. I got the sampler platter (hidden food items kept popping up under hidden nachos--a surprise everytime with the response, "I didn't know that was there!) Elliott got the Burrito Magnifico. As you can tell, this was yet another classic Elliott and Alisa meal only this time, we couldn't finish it! But, our waiter was pretty unique (just like our last one). He was big. And his name was King.

Dashboard! They were pretty good, definitely the favorite act of the night. Elliott might have to fill in song names later but they sang the big hits of course and we were especially impressed with his screaming capabilities.

Panic at the Disco. I felt a little let down because they weren't especially flamboyant tonight. They actually looked and acted normal. Weiwrd. We thought that we could enjoy them a little more by moving a section over (there were a lot of seats open) and AWAY from the screamer girl. No. There were two more screamers behind us! What can you expect though?

John Lennon incarnate. Even down to the Rickenbacker.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Me and Chubby Cat.

This is about as much of a cat as I'll own for now-- believe me, it's not my choice. Yes, I do love my new cat made out of a pumpkin and fondly named Chubby Cat. Elliott and I couldn't wait to put up our outdoor Halloween decorations today. We love the sign over our door--a steal from Ross' Halloween section (we dominated). I found the assembly pieces for Chubby Cat at Pier 1 (they're called "Pumpkin Buddies," but he's my buddy first and foremostly). Even Elliott admitted that he is pretty cute. Oh Chubby Cat, I hope you last through Halloween. If not, it's over to Wal Mart for a new chubby body.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Spiders, Oh my, Spiders!!!!

Here is kill number 6!
Kill 7 but hes only a wolf spider.
This is my "Spider Beater!" I once killed a black widow with our Ortho Home Defense Spray. The next day he was not sitting in the puddle of spray. I read on the back of the bottle a week later that it doesn't kill black widows....What kind of flipping bug spray!?! Needless to say, we bought the big can of Raid. The web of the one who got away has gotten bigger....He's now my white whale. When we got home tonight from Bandera's with Brianne and Trevor I took note of just how big it is and went in to get my flashlight and Raid. I didn't find him tonight but you should know that I killed 9 big, red diamond, full fledged Black Widows. There were 2 other spiders as well. This stick is what I take around now to desecrate the bodies because of the one who got away. It conveniently reaches into tight spaces so I don't have to get my foot all webby.

I wish I had better pictures.... I should have taken some predeath pictures but once I spotted the first I just started dealing out death and didn't look back.
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