Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy 24th.

I know this is a few days late but I do give myself a pat on the back for actually starting the post on his birthday. I wanted to wait until I had more pictures of us from his birthday get- together with family (complete with slip 'n slide) but those will just have to come later. I also wanted to nab a few pictures of Elliott on the last day of his mission (which was his birthday in 2006) but those too will come later. I ALSO wanted to scan a few pictures of Elliott in the MTC (when he actually looked my age) but I fear those will come even later. Dang. Pictures make a blog so much better.

Elliott turned 24 on Saturday. I tell him that he's now 5 years older than I am (even though I'll be 20 next month). He assured me that we were still only 4 years and 50 something days apart. My attempts to freak him out as a cradle robber are usually hit or miss. Anyway, we had so much fun on Saturday BBQ-ing, slip 'n sliding, eating and spending time with family (thanks for coming over everyone)!

I'm so glad I married this boy. He's my sweetheart.

Oute alofa ia te oe, Oute fia mana'o ia te oe, ma le va'ai o'oe totonou o lou miti... Ou te le malama lama fa'a Samoa... Ua lelei.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Home... Trip Review

Home safe and sound. We showed a little slide show to the family today at my Bday party. So, without further ado, here is the never before released photos from

Goodbye Sky Harbor
First place mission pres took me (One Tree Hill)

What a Dream Soccer Field... Green and top of a mountain! About 5 minutes jog from where I lived for a while. We would come here on Pdays and morning jogs.
Amazing Bed and Breakfast in Whangarei
Silver Fern
Little Doll
Pinati's Keke Pua'a (Pork buns, mmmm)
Nicest hotel either of us has ever stayed in (Langham Auckland)
Dream come true... Honestly a life goal, All Blacks Game W 19-16
Me with the Fa'alogo family
McHugh's for lunch. I had thought I wanted to take my wife here some day when my mission president took me here for lunch just before going home.
McHugh's again from the outside
Dairies... A different kind of Quik-E-Mart
Me and Elda Brown in the botanical gardens. We've swelled a bit!
Us at the Temple
Luging and Laughing
Forgot the name of the geyser... Whoops. In Te Puia Maori experience.
Holding my little hobbit in front of Bilbo and Froto's house
Gorgeous... and the lake the mountains are nice too
Me with the top in the background
Us with the skiing view
Working so hard she was just worn out!
Penguins! at the Antarctic center