Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I do realize that this picture will stay only as long as the wifey hasn't noticed it is here. The purpose of this post is to fill people in on the recent Bain of Alisa's existence. The oh so SNEAKY cricket! Crickets and creepy crawlers have been keeping me busy on the weekends since we got here. It was also the origin of our A/C outage debochal. We were trying to evict them by cutting down surrounding weeds.

The catalyst for this post was also a little chirping friend. I would have taken a picture of the incident but due to the inappropriate content of Alisa in the shower I have to use this fabricated cricket rather than the actual shower intruder. I heard two blood curdling screams this evening while making my roast beef sammich. Apparently the cricket attacked her from the ceiling. She was pretty shaken up about it. I don't blame her though. We have to plug the drains when not showering because they crawl up and we are always finding crickets and earwigs in the bathtub. My extermination skills took care of the roaches at least...and the black widow as previously mentioned. Well thats all for now. And I imagine you won't hear from me too often but I thought I'd give a third party perspective to the home invasions Alisa has to deal with on a daily basis.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

We gave her everything we owned just to sit at her table

I know, I know just because the Beatle's said that to Sexy Sadie doesn't mean people will be flocking to our kitchen to sit at our lovely table but that's ONLY because we live in Gilbert.

Thanks to Mark, my boss at the book dusting--which evolved into sorting-- place, for the amazing donation to our home. AND. Thanks to Pier 1 for having a clearance sale on place mats. They have bamboo on the sides. Oooh! Oh, and the smaller chairs (there's 2 more) fold up!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Elliott loves to play soccer. I love watching him. It fits well.

Elliott plays in an indoor league on Tuesdays with a team that has a few players (and friends) from our old single's ward. They've won just about every game (and there's a LOT). I pretty much sit in the stands and cheer for my baby as he scores at least once or twice a game (usually more). So fun. That, and we've saved enough "dollar off food" tokens that I get free food. It's been fun to get to know the girlfriends and families of other players, most are LDS. I hope this is something that we will be able to continue.
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Blogspot and gross.

Blogspot: Ok, I want justified left and justified right pictures WITH commentary and WITHOUT large gaps between the pictures.

Gross: I always heard about kids seeing black widows and me laughing to myself [probably rolling my eyes but not realizing it] thinking they just saw a big black spider. Well... I lyyyke totally saw one. Elliott killed it using an excessive but necessary amount of bug spray and a cup.. yuck.

So of course I HAD to tell everyone at work (not that many people) about my experience and one worker who... is hard to explain... says in a rather awkward and quiet voice (but not reprimanding):

- "Well uh-- maybe next time tell your husband that black widows kill crickets."

After which the level-headed worker whose thoughts are more in line with mine responded:

-"But poison kills both of them!"


An Elliott and Alisa Original Production

We--especially I--have been attempting to make more substantial meals that include real ingredients and aren't always pre-made. Here are a few pictures of some of the things we've been making:

Here is our barbecue beef and onions (skillet style) that we pilled on toasted hoagie buns (after which I topped with cheese and even more bbq sauce). Elliott is definitely the master at cooking meat but I do have some mean toasting skills.

And heeeere is our fabulous lasagna. It was and, thanks to refrigeration, continues to be fabulous. We ate so much that night I was surprised we still have some left over!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Diamondbacks and The Ringo

Diamondbacks VS Pirates
(Thanks for the tickets Bishop)!

Awesome Seats!

Ringo Starr and LoLo's
Wah-fulls (it's how they say it)
SO Essited!

RingoRingoRingo Yes, he still drums.
John Lennon Tribute. I know, I know.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Don't solve it, blog it.

So our profile picture was originally bordered in a 1/2" thick grass-green border. Then, working his magic skills in blogging-codes, Elliott fixed it by adding a rather fetching (and thin) brown border--which is now green after changing our template 19039593 times. HOWEVER! At first we just didn't know what to do until Alisa came up with a brilliant plan:

Elliott: "That border on our profile picture is horrific."
Alisa: "Blog about it. That's what bloggers do, right?"

This brilliant plan was followed by Elliott's even more brilliant plan to actually fix the situation.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dental School!

Getting Ready

Don't know who was more excited for his first day of school but at least he looked good and that's most important, right?

Gettin' THE Coat

So my camera is absolute garbage in any lighting situation that is dimmer than mid-day sunlight. No exaggeration. However, my video option works well in "dimly lit" situations. Sorry. I'm getting off track. Anyway. Here's Elliott getting his white coat! Ahhh exciting! So cute.

After THE ceremony!

We would've been smiling even BIGGER if we knew the amazing cookies awaiting in the next room.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Now our blog is Tequilla Green?

Uhhh-- I think we still have some formatting to do.

Our blog is ugly-- for now.

I don't understand how a blog works and am too prideful to ask so until I figure it out, our blog is currently going to be peasoup green. I'm starting this blog under Elliott's enthusiasm for the "blog" phenomenon. No pressure or insistance, but I felt a little guilty that I was being the bubble burster. I just couldn't see much use for a blog at first. I mean, we have no children, no jobs (what I do isn't work) and are just too involved with our Text Twist and X Files marathons.

Anyway, we're here now and so far so good. We are always up to something (good and bad) and it's always fun to let everyone see and read about it.

Now we just have to see if we can keep up on it.