Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mmmm like butta'

Elliott took me here last night:
We ordered this:

The Meatball Sub

And something that looked similar to this:
The Firehouse "Hero" Sub. It had roast beef (my fav), smoked turkey breast and Virginia Honey Ham. This picture is pretty spot on with representing the sheer amount of salivating meat that's piled onto the bread.

We got both as larges so that we could each trade and share our halves. They slid down my mouth so easily, though most things do when I'm starving, but the food was beyond delicious. Elliott usually goes there during his dental school's lunchtime with some classmates--ironically we even saw one of them there eating--but he held off going for a while to take me!

Elliott ate leisurely and was easily filled. I ravaged the subs, ate the pickels that came with each sub and was ready to take down more. I told him that the only explanation for this was that I had a mini- Elliott inside of me (no, that's not going to be his name, but he'll most likely continue the Elliott Brennan legacy of massive food take down without even a single burp or cringe). Those are my babies!

This morning as Elliott was getting ready for work I mumbled, "Mmmm meatball and hero subs." His only response was, "So that's what you're dreaming about these days." As I said previously, I have a mini-him eating right along side (and inside) me.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"It's Gonna Be A Holly Jolly Christmas--Cause You're Jolly With Your Belly."(shakes belly mockingly)--E.B.

Elliott and I always use this time of year to make our house a little more festive, a little more piney smelling (from our artificial "Evergreen" spray) and a little more... more... fattening, though when is it not?

This is my baby bump at 20 weeks. Enough said. Though I will make the comment that my shirt cost me $2.50 at Pac Sun. Sometimes it does pay to brave Arizona Mills. But only sometimes.
I told Elliott we absolutely HAD to use colored lights on our house. It's the next best thing to those old-fashioned pepper lights. It may have required an extra trip to Target to finish the job but it was beyond worth it.
While I was at the store, Elliott used the rejected white lights and decorated our lawn. I told him I thought his "spiraling" on the tree was preeeettttyyy impressive. Ugh, this picture reminds me of how badly I want--and nearly need--a new camera. A 4mp Kodak is going to take crappy pictures of even the cutest baby in the world (which will be ours). Anyone wanna get us some sort of Canon Rebel or any type of SLR for that matter??
I absolutely love our tree. It has a shimmery green star tree topper and is starting to become more and more covered with elegant and kitschy ornaments each year. My favorite holiday tradition growing up was receiving a new ornament from my mom each year. The Christmas after we got married--uh, so last Christmas--she gave us a beautiful porcelain ornament of a man dancing with his wife. It's a little hard to see in the picture (again, the camera problem) but I always put it right up front. I also got a vintage-looking brass ornament when we were in New Zealand of what else, but a map of the country.

I feel another blog post coming on completely devoted to my ornaments.
THIS is THE baby room. I can't wait until it's finished. We're painting it a green that I paint matched from this jewelry box I "bought" at Anthropologie. Granted, I had to return the jewelry box after I paint matched it because... It's overpriced... No surprise. We also got a quart of the navy color (just in case).

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Can you guess what this picture is??

Here is an update of my Winter Break To-Do List:
1. Done. And it's a boy in case you couldn't tell by that in your face TMI picture.
2. Done. And it's Directv.
3. Partially Done. Arizona Mills doesn't count.
4. Done. But I'm never satisfied.
5. Starting full-time tomorrow at ASU. Doing what? The same thing I've been doing off and on for almost two years. I don't think I'll ever address it on this blog so go ahead and email or Facebook me if you're dying to know.
6. Not necessary. We turned up our heat-- har har har.
7. Well... I'd say I'm making a bigger effort this year than last so let's just label this as "improving."
8. Done. I got this and found an online coupon for $10 off!
9. Done. But thirsty for more. Thanks to number 2, we're geared up for Monday night football tomorrow!
10. Elliott said today "We should just put that puzzle away." So... fail.

Oh, and that snow day? It's coming. Mark my words, it's coming.