Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Visitor and the Home Team

Ok, ok so our visitor was more like a special treat that came to us on Saturday afternoon! My sister Anna and her husband, Ryan let us babysit "little" Ryan while they went to the temple... Let me just say, he's no quiet Lily (Elliott's sister's little girl) but he's just as cute and sweet.

This video is a little bit of a parody of the original "Move-it Move-it" video Ryan did and put on facebook. I'm not the greatest videographer so sorry for the poor filming job.
Coyotes Game! Elliott and I got to go to the Coyote's game on Thursday night. It
 was a lot of fun and we had fantastic seats. After 8 shoot-out shots, we FINALLY won
 the game against the Atlanta Thrashers! Thanks for the tickets, Trevor (can't wait to see the Line's family pictures). We finished the night off with a bang by going to Taco Bell and QT. Alice Cooper was also in on the fun as they showed him on the big screen. Turns out we could see him from right across from where we were sitting (up in the club level of course). 

Oh, Elliott! So intense!

Well, one of us had to be!


Sarah and Trent Buehler said...

WOW! Looks like you guys had incredible seats!! You two look so cute with a was fun to see you guys the other night too!

T and Jackie Isom said...

It's fun to play with babies...and then give them back to their parents!