Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Zealand Pictures

We have about ten minutes of internet time left in the hotel so we are going to just post a couple of pictures showing what we've been up to. We have over 600 pictures already.
This is a picture of temple day. I picked the wrong one. There is one with us in front.
This is me with my favorite Maori companion, Josh Brown. We've both swelled a little.

Me with the Fa'alogo family. They are amazing. He became bishop and his son is leaving on a mission.

This is about the hottest thing I've ever seen. My blonde wifey posing for me at the All Blacks game. They won 19-16. Thats one more thing I can check off the life goals list. You'll notice we were among the first people to arrive. Freezing!

In the plane, leaving AZ.
Stay tuned. Plenty more to come... Today we went luging and rode in a gondola. Had a pie and fish and chips for lunch. Watched some Maori performances. Toured a geyser and boiling mud near a Marai. We then sat in some mineral hot pools for a little while and topped it off with dinner from Hell's Pizza. Pretty full and fun day!!!


Skiba Family said...

I'm jealous. I only get to travel to Canada to see where Burt served!

Aubrey said...

You have to post more pictures!! It looks gorgous there!

Kacey said...

So jealous.

mommd said...

I'm so excited for you! Looks like so much fun, beauty and renewed love with mission friends and families. Drink in every minute. I know you will. Love and miss you, mom

rusty and julie thatcher said...

looks like so much fun!