Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mmmm like butta'

Elliott took me here last night:
We ordered this:

The Meatball Sub

And something that looked similar to this:
The Firehouse "Hero" Sub. It had roast beef (my fav), smoked turkey breast and Virginia Honey Ham. This picture is pretty spot on with representing the sheer amount of salivating meat that's piled onto the bread.

We got both as larges so that we could each trade and share our halves. They slid down my mouth so easily, though most things do when I'm starving, but the food was beyond delicious. Elliott usually goes there during his dental school's lunchtime with some classmates--ironically we even saw one of them there eating--but he held off going for a while to take me!

Elliott ate leisurely and was easily filled. I ravaged the subs, ate the pickels that came with each sub and was ready to take down more. I told him that the only explanation for this was that I had a mini- Elliott inside of me (no, that's not going to be his name, but he'll most likely continue the Elliott Brennan legacy of massive food take down without even a single burp or cringe). Those are my babies!

This morning as Elliott was getting ready for work I mumbled, "Mmmm meatball and hero subs." His only response was, "So that's what you're dreaming about these days." As I said previously, I have a mini-him eating right along side (and inside) me.

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Melissa K said...

seriously the best place eva!!! MMMMMMMMM