Sunday, March 8, 2009

If You're Listening...

Last night was Jimmy Eat World's Clarity X 10 concert at Marquee Theatre. We went with a number of our friends--fantastic! I'm not a total JEW fanatic but love so much of their stuff, not to mention going to any rockin' concert. Period. The last two standing-only concerts we had been to I took my purse and regretted it. This time I left it in the car (concealed by my brightly colored non-conspicuous jacket). Worrying that it would be detected by a frisker's hand, I left my camera  in the car too. I probably should've just risked it but I had such an immensely severe urge to pee that I wouldn't have been able to take it back to the car and make it back to the bathroom in time. Anyway, I just felt as though I had to justify it because I've really been trying to document so much of our lives through pictures lately.  I wish I could've gotten at least ONE picture of us that night but here are some good ones our friend Ruben took (in the true fashion of standing-only shows, he wasn't even close to where we were standing). 

Jim Adkins' hair is probably my favorite thing about the band. It hasn't changed since 1993 and I'm a sucker for immortal hair styles (why do you think I love the Beatle cuts so much)?! My favorite song of the night wasn't even from Clarity. After they finished the album they did an eight song encore and played some of their biggest (and not so biggest) hits. One of my favorites from the band is called "Work" from Futures and was ecstatic when they started up on it. Next stop, Killers in April!... Then Paul McCartney? He is playing Coachella April 17. Anyone want to take me? My husband won't!!! 

By the way. Our cat is home. Spayed, declawed (on all four paws too)! and mellower than ever. Her name is Bixby--like the Death Cab song (Bixby Canyon Bridge). 


Michelle said...

Hi Alisa!
That concert ROCKED! I'm a die-hard Jimmy fan. Just ask my kids. I'm glad you went and had a good time. I really wanted to be at the fence - but we didn't get there early enough. We did, however, manage to elbow our way through the much younger than us crowd and get pretty close. Don't mess with a mother of 6!

Melissa K said...

Hey-- i'm so jealous of you guys!! I really wanted to go!!
And I'm glad you have your cat back...Bixby Canyon Bridge Brennan!!! I like it.