Thursday, March 12, 2009

The sweat is gonna fill your head, when it becomes too much you'll shout aloud...

Beatle lyrics... Elliott and I are going to Las Vegas this Sunday through Tuesday. Sadly we won't be seeing The Beatle's, "Love" Cirque Du Soleil show but it will still be a Magical Mystery Tour in the most literal way-- minus the acid. For the record, I saw the "Love" show two years ago with my mom and sister Anna and it was one of the best things I have ever seen. Oh, and I couldn't resist posting this lovely white trash picture of the MGM from the 90s to demonstrate my enthusiasm on how classy Vegas is. 

There's little on the agenda that we have actually planned other than we're staying at the MGM, laying out by the pool to tan our sexy selves, shopping at the outlet malls and Elliott is  going to eat "The Bomb" at
the NASCAR Cafe... I will devote a separate post to said Bomb after I post this. Anyway, neither of us has been able to stress how badly we have wanted and needed this mini-vacation. It will be our first trip since the honeymoon and we are going to take FULL advantage of it until our California trip in July (where there will also be an abundance of outlet malls). 


T and Jackie Isom said...

Gotta love those trashy pictures of 'classy' Vegas! I think the classiest thing of all about the place is all the people trying to give you cards for prostitutes right along the street! I really love Vegas, T and I went there for our honeymoon! Bliss and relaxation!

Kit Kat said...

You two have fun out there...don't miss out on the free outdoor show at Treasure Island...classy.