Monday, January 11, 2010

To Those I (and Elliott) love.

Dear Baby,
I'm sorry I said you were going to "ruin" my anniversary for that is not what I meant. What I MEANT was that the birthing process would most definitely "ruin" my anniversary but that it wasn't your fault--or anybody's fault--because we both know we can postpone, put off, or completely not celebrate our anniversary the way we usually do and still feel as though we couldn't have celebrated our second year of marriage any better way. Stay healthy. Loves, your mama. xo

Dear Church,
I'm sorry I said you were going to "ruin" my Valentine's Day. Even though that is what I meant, I know "deep down" it'll still be the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day since that is the place where Elliott and I met. Besides, he proposed to me the day AFTER Valentine's Day so that really is the more special day. It's like two holidays in a row!

Dear Jonny,
We never said you were fat, because you're not. Hope you're getting better. Much love always, Elliott and Alisa


Elliott said...

SPAZ. But I am smiling.

Chazilyn and Patrick said...

hahah you guys are too funny:) and patrick and i got engaged valentines day too . . . so i know what you mean!!!!