Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Diet Time

Last week Elliott chose today, as the first day of the rest of his healthy eating life. He finished part 2 of his dental boards yesterday (yay!) and now won't have to devote nights and weekends to studying and fast food (though the food part wasn't really that "burdensome"). Yesterday I went to the ever-trusty Trader Joe's to pick up some healthy eats, and he went to GNC for protein powder. Of course, though we both continue to make strides towards eating healthy, that certainly doesn't mean we can't still watch one of our favorite shows, "Man vs Food." Please think back to THIS post. I was an even less consistent blogger than I am now, and didn't post a follow up, so you can look to the picture above for that. Elliott didn't finish the 6lb burrito (and neither did Adam Richman) but we still had tons of fun in Vegas, and he really did look great in his  pink, "Certified Weenie" t-shirt. 
So, I suppose it was NO surprise that when we sat down last night to watch the Las Vegas episode of "Man vs Food" that Elliott's picture pops up. Yep, the camera briefly scrolls down the "Weenies Wall of Shame" and there he was. He couldn't have been prouder of himself--and neither could I. 

Scroll down to this picture:

Blurry quality aside, it is the Brennan Brother's in the middle of their successful attempt at dominating "The Big One" at Venezia's Pizzeria last week. The two of them consumed a 24" cheese in 52 minutes. I know, I thought it was cute that they unintentionally wore matching Google IO t-shirts too. Regardless of this new and promising diet, I think seeing himself on the paramount  of food shows has spurred Elliott on to aspire towards bigger and better food challenges. I think we'll need a MUCH bigger bottle of Tums at our house. 


Jenny Coombs Bradford said...

This is amazing. William and I have wanted to try BOTH of those challenges for some time. Congrats Elliot!

Sara said...

Congrats on finishing your dental boards and good luck on your healthy eating. Dieting makes me cranky, just knowing I can't eat stuff makes me want it. Sick, I know, but true. Hopefully we will get you see you and Mr. Beckett when we are in town next week... Maybe a sprinkles rendevous? :)

miss chaz. said...

Congrats on finishing the boards! ALMOST DONE (FOR GOOD), HOORAY!

Alisa said...

Jenny, I have to tell you, the pizza looked great and very possible for the voracious appetite. The burrito was totally rigged! It was filled with salty beans and jalapenos on EVERY bite.

Sara, yes, I definitely hope I can finally meet Hudson!! I know Beckett would love to meet you! Sprinkles would be an absolute treat!

Thanks Chaz!! Less than a year left, the countdown is on!