Thursday, September 15, 2011


I am having another boy.
I can NOT wait.  
Now the visions ensue of two little boys wearing matching shirts at Disneyland, two little boys going hunting with their Dad, two little boys being dragged through department stores with their mom for back to school shopping (refusing her every desire to have them match some more), two little boys on little dirt bikes, two little boys going to sports practice, and two little boys with matching sack lunches for school (I know I could swing that) and, of course, two little boys going to the same sweet Montessori preschool. 

I know, accompanying those visions are two little boys making two huge messes, two little boys pulling each other's hair out, two little boys screaming at the top of their lungs, two little boys kicking the seats in front of them (anyplace) in addition to kicking each other, and two little boys becoming a little too attached to their video games and TV time. 

I know, though, that I have the best husband who is a good example of a good brother; and who has a brother that is the same. 

The Brennan Brother's celebrating Christmas 1990. When I took the picture out of the album, the back read, "What could be sweeter?" in, what I'm assuming to be their Grandmother's handwriting. 


mommd said...

yes, written by Grandma Hilda McMurray, my mom. Gotta love Elliott's sweatshirt. A decorating tradition with puffy paints at Christmas. He did it with very little help.

mommd said...

By the way, CONGRATULATIONS! very excited for another Brennan boy....

miss chaz. said...

Love this, Alisa! SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU YAY!!!!!!!

The Carnavale Family said...

Congrats! So fun!!