Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Farm (Part 1)

 First S'mores

 Getting some much needed help blowing out my candles on my Oatmeal Birthday Cake. Heaven. 
 The lawnmower ride wiped away Beckett's tears. I may have bumped his head with my bulky camera lifting him up to Elliott.
 A "Foodie" at heart. 

I had never been to Pam and Jay's farm in North Dakota and heard nothing but quaint and peaceful stories about it. The Brennan brothers have been "stationed" there for quite a while on a dental rotation (have I mentioned enough how exciting it is for Elliott (and Jonny) to finally be in his last year of dental school)?! Krista and I, along with our lot of children, were able to go visit our husbands. The weather and greenery were perfect. It's such a healthy place--well, despite a few unfortunate bouts of sickness. Though I may like to be the sort of person with one hand on the city and one on isolation, the seclusion of the farm was eye opening to realize that there are indeed places where your children can run through the fields without fear of cars, strangers, crowds, etc. (well, mind you there are a few wild animals out there), you can have campfires only feet from your front door, and you can see the night sky, clear Yes, the farm was a good visit. It was a good break. It was a full house. It was a wonderful birthday. And it was a good place to feel truly, undisturbed and quiet.

PS, did you watch Conference this past weekend? I actually found myself watching a little more than falling in and out of sleep. Maybe it helped that I didn't make orange rolls this time. I'll have to test this hypothesis in April by making orange rolls and seeing if I can't pay as good of attention. We couldn't believe it when President...Elder... Cook's name was called to speak next: go here to watch. 

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miss chaz. said...

I want to visit a charming little farm! How fun. I bet Beckett was just in heaven!