Monday, November 21, 2011

Ham and Rolls.

 Do you like that cool cheese stick I drew? It's his favorite food. 

I used color time as an opportunity to go over colors (HELLO) and a few letters. One of Beckett's favorite shows is Blue's Clues--especially since it comes on around the time his absolute favorite show, Go Diego Go! comes on. Conveniently, Blue's Clues helped him really learn and sound out "BOO!" (blue); not unlike the way Go Diego taught him how to say "NO" (he doesn't recognize the difference between "No, a kayak doesn't help you climb the mountain," and simply, "NO. NO. NO."). Over it. Rosie Perez could learn to say "No" in a less obnoxious way though. Oh well, again, over it. Can't really get upset. I say "No," more times a day than "Click La Camara."  BACK to "Boo..." When Beckett was scribbling with the blue crayon he didn't seem to be too aware of the color he was using (understandable from a first-timer) until I drew a little blue paw print and the "BOOS BOOS BOOS!" began nonstop. It was good to have that coloring moment before the tantrums began all throughout the afternoon and evening. Beckett is a baby of balance, fortunately. Well, I can't even say that. He is a baby of positive and almost undeserving imbalance. Though he has a rough and spastic 12 hours, it comes on day 7 of Rotavirus (courtesy of Nursery during sick season). Again, it happens. Over it, baby stays home from Church for a few weeks months? Lesson learned. It was only fitting that I asked Elliott to add Beckett and me to his gym membership for a month on day 1 of Rotavirus (thinking nothing of his runs). I've been once. Without Beckett. On a Saturday (the intent being that if I took Beckett with me during the week I could fully relax and indulge on the weekends). It happens and it is fine. I am avoiding the real test of possibly joining the many women who pull their A's out of bed at 5:30am because that's what it takes. It probably wouldn't be such a bad thing anyways. Especially since I JUST went to Bed Bath and Beyond today to purchase some brand new jelly roll pans for my cinnamon rolls this week... Not to mention cooling racks as well for the cookies and crescent rolls I will also be making. 

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miss chaz. said...

he is such a CUTIE! i want to see you guys soon!