Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hallow-haunts the Sequel Pt. 2

 He looked like a baby off to a Rave. Elliott took the light bulb concept and ran with it. Beckett and Lily stuck together while the older kids went ahead. They are certainly the sweetest pair and knocked on doors (repeatedly until they opened) together. 

I absolutely loved the Lines Family's 50s costumes--I don't think I said it enough that night. Family themes are absolutely the way to go and I don't know if Elliott and I will ever be able to stop coordinating our outfits with our children... Until they reach that "certain" age maybe. But maybe by then they will realize how fun it is to match, right?! Well, at least between now and then, we will most definitely be squeezing in this costume after new baby boy joins the action: 


Elliott said...

Did they not smile in the 50's?

miss chaz. said...


You guys always have the best costumes.

p.s. I miss you girly!