Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Holiday(s)

Because a few of us leave town for Christmas, my parents have creatively and thoughtfully decided to combine Christmas and Thanksgiving this year and last in what has been deemed a sort of "Thanksgivmas." The annual and beloved Turducken is served, presents are unwrapped, and family time is enjoyed.  

 After what seems like years and years of serving up Turducken for Thanksgiving, my dad has become a master at preparing and dissecting it artfully onto a platter so that each type of bird has its own display. He is a veterinarian so really, no surprise. Honestly, it's probably my favorite holiday tradition. Not just because it is absolutely to die for (hello, cornbread stuffing), but because when I tell people what I'm doing for Thanksgiving, "Turducken" is inevitably mentioned and jaws drop at the seemingly fabled dish.  

 My sister, Anna's, two little darlings, Ryan and Eliza. They are hysterical and full of energy.
 My parents newest cat, Tommy, (a 'she'). I say newest because they have gone through a good 15-20 cats over the years (not all of them work out). See, they're crazy (slightly creepy) cat people. I say that affectionately but also because I'm right there with them. My entire family is. I have been dying for another cat and my Dad supportively encourages me in my disappointment to keep trying and asking until Elliott budges. No dice yet.
Beckett admiring his new "Dance Baby Dance" CD from Grandma. It's essentially children's songs put to techno music. We put it on during the car ride home that night and he stayed awake the entire time bopping his head right along. Classic. That kid loves to dance to anything with a beat (don't tell him Santa is bringing him a "Let's Rock Elmo")! I do enjoy celebrating this "unique" holiday with my family. It is a fun and full day that we look forward to every year. 
Next up? Nana and Papa's in the snow for Christmas. And yes, it will just be Christmas. No other holidays will be combined to prevent even more confusion than already likely exists after reading this!


Lo said...

Your sister is in my ward! I was one of Ryan's nursery teachers before I was switched to YW! He cracks me up!

Alisa said...

That is too funny! Of course, go figure, they just moved out last week--seriously! And you were probably one of the coolest and fun nursery teachers a kid could have!

Sara said...

Loving Beckett's little blonde mop. Too cute:)

Lo said...

They moved??? So sad!