Friday, December 9, 2011

What's The Time? Diaper Time.

We forgot we're having a baby in two months--from today,exactly.
 Black Friday sparked a little bit of interest as to the potential deals on strollers, toddler beds, crib mattresses, and the like. Literally, we hadn't bought a single thing for this baby until 11 weeks before his arrival date--with the exception of a few warm newborn clothes and a replacement Hoolie. The procrastination (which, thanks to online shopping, ie Amazon Prime) hasn't been a bad thing. The less I think about it, the less overwhelmed I get and stress about it, the less cortisol gets spiked in my unborn child's veins--though I have been stressing about a name since day one. Still nothing. Because all of this baby prep has coincided with the holidays, my Christmas present will conveniently be a double stroller (kills two birds with one credit card)--it is certainly nothing to complain about. I do hope I have enough energy for two boys. I am quite confident I will, actually, it is rather the question of being able to utilize my energy in an efficient way (several intriguing parenting books were purchased on Amazon in the last two weeks as well). Regardless, this little baby will have quite the treat coming into our family as the second baby: he doesn't come home to two loving parents alone, he gets a Beckett as well. 
And that's a pretty sweet present for both of those boys.   

 Beckett eating one of his favorite breakfast foods. He gets it from me. I have more boxes of cereal in my cupboard than Jerry Seinfeld. I eat, on average, two bowls a day (with plenty of skim milk). 
Slightly unsure of his Sunday shaving cream predicament. His leg tan line hints at once over-worn shorts that eventually became short shorts. 

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