Monday, April 9, 2012

Barrett Turns 2 Months and Works It Out

I had Barrett all ready to go for his 2 month "photo shoot" (each month "birthday" I take at least a couple hundred pictures) only to find that my camera was still in Elliott's car from yesterday's Easter celebrations and he was away working on rotation downtown. The outfit and baby are a little more wrinkled and stinky this time of day, but still just as cute. I get a small window of a two hours a day to myself. It should be spent doing housework and schoolwork (naps are nonexistent for mother's). Instead I work out; getting my body back to its healthy state (It's been months since Taco Bell much less Sprinkle's). I have turned down free cupcakes and free packages of cookie dough, pizza, Easter rolls and candy and many opportunities to eat out. I feel good, I look good considering..., I have more energy, and I am releasing a lot of stress. To me this is more therapeutic than a nap (though I'd rather take the nap). Anyway, long story short, blogging falls by the way side and I still want to put up pictures of Beckett's first hair cut, him holding Barrett, and other randoms. We'll see! 

Barrett is still as sweet as ever. He had a gauntlet of shots this morning and has been screaming all evening: any sudden movements while holding him and it's catastrophic. I don't blame him though and he's usually quick to return to his smiley self.But then again, he's not able to turn on a Liam Neeson action flick and work out those crabs on the treadmill.


Lauren said...

He's SOOOO cute! What a darling baby boy! Miss you girly!

miss chaz. said...

Beckett is the cutest big brother ever!!!!

I HAVE to meet this new babe soooooon!

Alisa said...

Thanks Lauren!! Miss you too for sure and hope all is wonderful!

And Chaz, thank you! I'm just happy both of our babies will be so close in age!