Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easters 2012

Though it's been nearly 2 weeks since Easter, it is one of my absolute favorite holidays and times of the year. We decided to go all out with the pastels and gingham so if the brightness is just too much, dim your screens now. 

I died laughing when I saw this bunny. Take it home as a pet, then eat it. When I went back a few days later to get it and saw that it was the only Easter item on clearance (why wouldn't anyone want this?!), I knew it was meant to be.   

 Once again, Beckett tries to make a run for it with someone else's eggs!
 It was also my Dad's birthday on Easter, so we drove across the Valley of the Sun to have a dual holiday celebration. As an Easter surprise, my parents and grandparents put together this cute little cabin/clubhouse/fort for the little-'uns to play in. It is absolutely darling (there's even a mail slot). 
The birthday man and his dog William. Interestingly (though unintentionally enough), they also have a dog named Harry. Fancy that!


Melissa K said...

CUTE family!!!! Ok this is random: but I saw this and couldn't stop thinking of Elliot. Please show him this!!! I died!!

Alisa said...

We laughed pretty hard at that video. Hilarious. Thank you for sharing!!!