Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Doll/Chihuahua Puppy Is 6 Months

Barrett is 6 months today and becoming less like my little doll -puppy I like to tote and dote on (a la Paris Hilton). I found this out yesterday when I was at the Children's Museum of Phoenix and, carrying him in one arm, wisely decided to take Beckett into the art room with only ONE free hand. No matter, when it came time to wash Beckett off at the sink, I simply said out-loud to my littlest companion, "We'll just do the football position," and, standing up, proceeded to tuck him under my arm perpendicular to my body, hands and feet dangling out. A woman then kindly offered to hold Barrett for 30 seconds while I finished helping Beckett. Ohhhh welllll. I love little Barrett, I love little babies. I'll always want a tiny round baby to hold and eat. Toddlers... I will appreciate the time spent in that little age--but appreciate it as much when passed. Babies I will miss always when that stage permanently passes from my life.That is why I am grateful that when I was loading pictures on my computer today, I realized that my camera had just recently "zero'ed" out again. Meaning, for the SECOND time, it has hit 10,000 pictures and cycled back to 0. So for the times in which I feel especially sentimental, I suppose 20,000 pictures of my children will suffice... for now. 

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