Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our blog is ugly-- for now.

I don't understand how a blog works and am too prideful to ask so until I figure it out, our blog is currently going to be peasoup green. I'm starting this blog under Elliott's enthusiasm for the "blog" phenomenon. No pressure or insistance, but I felt a little guilty that I was being the bubble burster. I just couldn't see much use for a blog at first. I mean, we have no children, no jobs (what I do isn't work) and are just too involved with our Text Twist and X Files marathons.

Anyway, we're here now and so far so good. We are always up to something (good and bad) and it's always fun to let everyone see and read about it.

Now we just have to see if we can keep up on it.

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T and Jackie Isom said...

Hello, this is Jackie Ferrell. I'm a blog stalker, and I was also once in your ward. Maybe that makes me legit. I don't care either way. I have this little quirk where people think they won't remember me after I'm out of their lives, so I feel the need to remind them. I'm Samantha's sister. Anyway, I would go to a lovely website called cutestblogontheblock.com. They have really nice backgrounds, and they also tell you how to add them to your blog. Basically, it is idiotproof. I know from experience.