Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blogspot and gross.

Blogspot: Ok, I want justified left and justified right pictures WITH commentary and WITHOUT large gaps between the pictures.

Gross: I always heard about kids seeing black widows and me laughing to myself [probably rolling my eyes but not realizing it] thinking they just saw a big black spider. Well... I lyyyke totally saw one. Elliott killed it using an excessive but necessary amount of bug spray and a cup.. yuck.

So of course I HAD to tell everyone at work (not that many people) about my experience and one worker who... is hard to explain... says in a rather awkward and quiet voice (but not reprimanding):

- "Well uh-- maybe next time tell your husband that black widows kill crickets."

After which the level-headed worker whose thoughts are more in line with mine responded:

-"But poison kills both of them!"


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Kacey said...

This was the perfect start to "Party Thursday", there is only one way to top it... COSTCO CAKE!!! It has been so refreshing to have someone in the building who shares some of my same thoughts/opinions. You made summer bearable. ;)