Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An Elliott and Alisa Original Production

We--especially I--have been attempting to make more substantial meals that include real ingredients and aren't always pre-made. Here are a few pictures of some of the things we've been making:

Here is our barbecue beef and onions (skillet style) that we pilled on toasted hoagie buns (after which I topped with cheese and even more bbq sauce). Elliott is definitely the master at cooking meat but I do have some mean toasting skills.

And heeeere is our fabulous lasagna. It was and, thanks to refrigeration, continues to be fabulous. We ate so much that night I was surprised we still have some left over!

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Suzzy Rice aka Grammy Gingerbread said...

Alisa, I'm so glad you found our blog and I found yours! And I am so proud of your cooking. Elliot and your are so blessed to have each other. Enjoy every day!!