Sunday, September 21, 2008

The week was pretty long for us. Until the weekend.

This picture was taken today and was rather rushed since "someone" had to "study" (aka follow up on his fantasy football team). Oh well, hopefully we'll be able to snag another one later tonight. Thanks for taking the picture Elliott! I know I have some problems getting the camera in the right place.

So... We went to Black Angus 'cause we had a coupon and you really can't pass up 20 pounds of food for $33.95. It was just oh so yummy! Elliott hadn't been there before and... judging by how much we both ate, I can honestly say that it was a meal well spent and enjoyed. After that, we walked Superstition Springs Mall for an hour or so to kill time before the movie--Ghost Town! We laughed during the entire thing but nowhere as much (or loud) as the lady sitting next to Elliott (she was a clapper), but honestly, those people make the movie more fun (sometimes).

Elliott eating the sampler platter! He let me have all of the shrimp cocktail since it was my birffday (he's my hero)! The waitress' exact comments at the end of the meal were: "I've never had anyone NOT ask for a box when eating this meal!" Liz, the waitress was pretty nice.

Me eating the cake. Yeah, I know I look a bit gooberish but hey, Elliott doesn't believe in taking multiple pictures to get a good shot and I felt like Michelle Tanner (you know, the little girl from Full House who's obsessed with chocolate cake)?? And NO, I was not a cake monster, Elliott definitely pulled his weight for someone who doesn't have a sweet tooth--even if I "hogged" all the ice cream. Just kidding! Again, he's always so nice and forgiving when it comes to food. I can be a bit of a monsser sometimes but I juss' love him so much! Thanks for the best birthday ever!
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