Monday, September 8, 2008

Still not there.

Thanks for the compliment Sarah! BUT! I'm still not satisfied. When I originally uploaded the wedding picture, it was too off-center. Then, when I uploaded the zoomed, cropped version, it was too much face and not enough "empty" space for the blog title and description. THEN. I went to or whatever the site is called and it kept telling me I had an email error! THEN. When I tried to copypaste the URL code thing into my "Add Elements" box--I didn't have an "Add Elements" box! At least it kept me busy for a while on Saturday when Elliott was out makin' money (such a breadwinner)!


T and Jackie Isom said...

Don't give up hope. It will come to you in due time, and then you will be so proud of yourself! It'll be sweet!

Elliott said...

Too much me! That is all.

T and Jackie Isom said...

Hey, I tagged you on my blog! I am looking forward to hearing your quirks!

Trevor and Brianne said...

I love the photo and Dr. Seuss quote. I'm using this Dr. Seuss quote in my YW lesson on divine nature with the message that everyone is special, so be happy to BE YOU...
"Today you are you,
that is truer than true.
there is no one alive
who is youer than you."
- dr. seuss
*Also, as I sit here with my foot iced, I am daydreaming of going out to dinner and a movie with you guys (I haven't left the house since Wednesday)!