Friday, September 5, 2008

Marriage and 21.

I know we started the blog after we got married, so I've been debating about whether or not going through an entire re-cap of the marriage or just waiting for the one-year anniversary. I think I'll wait. But! In the meantime, this is my favorite wedding picture. I want to put it up so that its part of the headline (you know, how some expert bloggers do it so that it's formatted all nice with the actual title of their blog)? Ok, well I haven't mastered that yet so here it is for now. We really need to order our wedding prints so that uber-fake attractive couple models aren't in our picture frames anymore.

Oh, and we just watched 21--that card movie with the British guy who can't handle an American accent worth shiite. I'm glad we watched it illegally because any other way would have been a waste of money. At least they chose a black actor other than Sam Jackson to play a hardcore thug.

Oh, and an editor for the Gilbert section of the East Valley Tribune said she'd help me get published for my Journalism 301 class! We have to get 6 stories published by Dec. 8 and each one we don't is a letter grade down. In other words, Patti Epler of the Trib. is going to be recieving a rather nice "Thank-you" note from me on December 9th if all of this works out.


T and Jackie Isom said...

I didn't think 21 was all that great either. It is a great story, like the kind you tell your buddies, but not exactly movie material. I kept thinking, ok so when is it going to get exciting?

Sarah and Trent Buehler said...

Hey - I think that your blog title/picture looks great! It was fun to talk to you guys the other night...take care and we should get together more often!

Alisa said...

Jackie, I totally agree!

Sarah- Thanks! I'm sure you've read the next post but yep it's a work in progress! It was good talking to you guys too! Can't wait to get together again for sure!