Sunday, November 22, 2009

BFF (Black Friday Forever)

I love Black Friday. Love it. I spent many a Black Friday's at Arrowhead Mall in Glendale running around looking for "Brad" the weather guy from Channel 3 with my friend, uh, Brad. I even made it on tv one year for a free hair and makeup makeover Rolf's Salon was offering. Friend-Brad said my eye was twitching on screen.

My favorite Black Fridays, however, have been spent with Elliott because there was an absolute desperate purpose in his shopping goals. I love competition if it has to do with shopping. I do consider myself somewhat of a savvy shopper. Why, today I was given the compliment, "You are the best online shopper I know!" (and I have proof it came from people other than the ones I make up in my head). It nearly brought a tear to my eye. One day I hope to translate that success into actual "in-person shopping."

Elliott's and mine's first Black Friday was two years ago, shortly after we started dating. Elliott wanted an entire speaker system-- as in everything. So, only hours after returning home from his house in Tempe, I dragged myself out of bed at 2 am and drove all the way back (I was pretty much obsessed with the guy and still am). 3:30-ish, we took our cocoa and single camping chair and parked ourselves behind the growing line of people outside of Best Buy. No matter how long a Black Friday line is, it moves quickly. Everyone crazy enough to line up that early is at least sane enough to know that you can't just "walk" into a store once it opens. We ran to the back... actually, I ran to the bathroom and he ran to the back to find the exact speakers, cords and receiver that he had seen in the ad's and planned to buy. It was a close call, but he nabbed the last ones. After that, we were able to leisurely shop for movies, cd's and Christmas presents at a few different stores and then finish it off with a round of Orange Rolls at his house (and a nap). I was officially hooked on the planning for, scouting out and lining-up that went into seizing the best deals possible at who knows how many stores.

Last year was also so much fun as we took things a little less dramatically but were still ever-determined when planning out our shopping. We got a fantastic Christmas tree deal at Home Depot and so many little gadgets at Wal Mart. Plus, we were able to set up for our very first Christmas in our very first home together.

This year? Babies R Us, DUH!


Kacey said...

Of course you ran for the bathroom, as he got the speakers. Ha ha. Now you can just multiply the bathroom trips. Even better.

Aubrey said...

I am quite impressed...i honestly think its a talent to have patience enough to go shopping on black friday. enjoy yourself!