Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm not gonna wear a ladies' wetsuit I'm a man, I got hurt feelings, I got hurt feelings--get me a small man's wetsuit please.

I was crazy when I was on birth control (fortunately, Elliott had already asked me to marry him when I started). This past June we went off "The Pill" in preparation for the normally foolish, but in our case planned, act of unprotected sex. In August I was pregnant and a few weeks later, started to feel just like I did on birth control! The hormones have hit worse than any physical ailment and it's been a treat for anyone who's come into contact with this lil princess. This clip is a spot-on reminder at how ridiculously easy it has been for me to get carried away with things that in reality, are trivial and probably laughable. I usually only get "frustrated" or "in a mood" at situations--not people--and I can't think of anyone that has said anything to upset me (so please no: "I'm sorry if I..." or "I'll be extra sensitive"-- nah, no, yuck, none of that). It's more of an I'm sorry if I... and Thank you for being superb friends and family.

Now, I also don't need all these responses of: "Don't worry, it's natural," or "These things happen," or "It takes time but you'll get through it." My gorgeous, newly shaved husband patiently reminds me of all that every time I apologize for "being crabs."

PS: We find out the sex of our baby December 5th! My due date is April 27th--my sister Anna's birthday! Truth be told, I am hoping for a May baby (sorry Anna, I will be happy with an April baby but ONLY if it's on your birthday).


Kacey said...

Public apology... accepted!

Aubrey said...

Wow congrats! How exciting!! Hope you don't get morning sickness and feel okay :)

T and Jackie Isom said...

That's what happened to us, too. We went off the pill the end of March, and BOOM! I got pregnant in April. I guess we're just fertile Mertles! I bet it would be nice to have a baby in April. Hopefully, spring lasts until then!

The Webbs said...

Congrats you guys!! We had no idea!! That is so exciting!! You will have one gorgeous baby!