Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy February 15th

Tomorrow is the second anniversary of our engagement. I know a lot of people don't make a big fuss out of the day they got engaged but I do simply because of how much I loved it. And the fact that Elliott was wanting to propose to me ON Valentine's day. He had ordered a book from Shutterfly filled with pictures and memories from the past four months--yes four--that we had been dating. The book ended with a poem he wrote me as well as a picture of him holding the ring with the caption, "WILL YOU MARRY ME!?!" I threw the book down and whipped my head around open mouthed at him only to see him holding that same ring that was in the picture. I couldn't believe it. We topped off the night with a trip to Riazzi's in Tempe with his parents.

Now. That whole scenario was supposed to go down the day before (February 14th) but Shutterfly, the darnedest cutesie little photo company it is, LOST his engagement book.

When he realized the book wouldn't be there on time, he called Shutterfly that day and they remade and overnighted a second copy immediately. Proposing the day after Valentine's Day made the moment even more of a surprise, though I really wasn't expecting any sort of proposal on Valentine's anyway. Here's the engagement book (the red one) and the book from last year (the pink one).

Tonight was certainly not forgotten, despite the significance of tomorrow. We celebrated with heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes made by Elliott AND homemade double-decker tacos because sometimes it's just that hard to go without Taco Bell for a day. Wonder if they'd ever switch to turkey meat. It's becoming one of my favorites.


Jenna said...

i'm glad we share the same love for TACO BELL :)

Grammy Suzzy said...

Oh, I think it's just wonderful to celebrate such a wonderful day! We love Alisa so much, Elliot...she was one of our choice young women, and it is so very very wonderful to see how very happy you have made her, and how happy you both are!! Happy happy Engagement Anniversary!!!

The Bowyer Family said...

I love it! I celebrate the day we got engaged along with the day we met, our first date, and the first time we kissed. It calls for good reason to go out to eat! haha! p.s. i want to see pics of your cute prego self! and hellooo what is your baby's name?! I had a dream it was Gus. Please don't let it be Gus!

Sarah and Trent said...

I always want to celebrate any anniversary I can come up with...good excuse for gifts and chocolate!

And we love Taco Bell too..we get the kits at the store that you can make your own taco bell seasoning and stuff and it tastes just like the real thing. Delish!

p a t r i c k + c h a z i l y n said...

that is just the cutest thing ever. and those are totally my type of meals. seriously. ask patrick:)