Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Coming Up (Like a Flower)

Paul McCartney is coming.
On March 28th at 7:30 pm we will be reunited after a painstaking four and a half year separation (girls who have waited for missionaries... please). I was just kidding?

No, I did not get those front row seats I kept promising myself I would as my nearly $1000 "Paul McCartney Fund" that was started in high school went towards a new couch and chair when I got married. The BETTER choice for the record. "We all have to grow up sometime," Elliott told me this morning in a joking way but not really so joking. It's true though, I admit. Still, I got fantastic seats in row A in one of the lower level sections. And still, they were outrageously priced. Elliott was very understanding and let me go back to my crazy high school girl self (again I know that was only 3 years ago) and have my day buying tickets. Also for the record, I love my husband more than anyone and anything, ESPECIALLY Paul McCartney. I'm sure it was good karma/omen/brownie points for me on the fact that it was only recently that I publicly promoted and declared my absolute infatuation for the Love show (3 days away!) as well as mentioned how big of a Beatles fan I am.

Anyway, I'll stop going on and on about this as I know I'm a tad over-obsessive and such but it really has been a life dream of mine to take Elliott to a Paul show.
Just so he knows the experience.

To enjoy an entertaining perspective of my ticket buying adventure yesterday please click on her blog.

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p a t r i c k + c h a z i l y n said...

AHHH Patrick and I were JUST talking about getting pre-tix through AMEX!!!! We missed it...but maybe it's not too late... HOW FUN!!!!