Saturday, February 6, 2010

This is better than playing classical music to your womb.

Elliott and Alisa and Brianne and Trevor are going to Vegas soon, this time all together. I'm beyond excited for many, many reasons. One of which is the outlet malls. Another is to celebrate Brianne's birthday- Vegas Style for the impregnated and Mormon: (Eating amazing food, shopping, and being with some of your favorite people ever) Then there's Love. By Love, I mean the show that made me cry my eyes out like I did when I watched "Seven Pounds." It's the Beatles Cirque du Soleil show that's been playing at the Mirage since 2006. It's incredible. Powerful. Awe inspiring.
But I'm biased.
I've been wanting to by a set of headphones and play Beatles music to the little one inside me. This will be much better. There are speakers built into the seat.

I saw the show three years ago when my mom took my sister and me for our Christmas present. Definitely one of the best presents I've ever been given.
Thank you mom and dad.
A picture of me holding the show program is in my high school yearbook on the "Totally Obsessed Page." On the same page, there's also a picture of me in front of my massive 25 square foot "Beatles Collage" that I put together on a wall in my bedroom. It took me three years to finish. That's right, I was a ridiculous enough fan to be put on the page twice. I was also put on the front page of the "Arizona Living" (funnies) section of the AZ Republic when they did a feature on Beatles fans.
And that's right, I was in high school three years ago. But that's beside the point.
You will never know a bigger Beatles fan than me.

That's a promise.

This reminds me of how badly I need to scan in some of my old pictures from my last trip to see Love. And my AZ Living Article. And the 2005 Paul McCartney show (if we're on the subject).


chazilyn and patrick said...

ughh i am sooo jealous!!! i loooove going to vegas. and the cirque du soleil shows are AMAZING. we saw "o" a couple of years ago and LOVED it.

so jealous:)

Amber said...


Alisa said...

I've heard really really good reviews about "O." That would be the next one I'd want to see!!

I just think Vegas is the perfect 2-day trip! I feel like it's so much easier to plan and get out to than California but it still feels like a full on vacation.

Brianne said...

You know Claire, Lily and I have been listening to the "Claire playlist" you made and the Beatles CD's. She loves their music. It played in my house from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. today(piano lesson time). I am so excited for our trip! I will try not to think of how old I will be turning and the fact that you were in high school 3 years ago. Far too depressing!