Friday, May 21, 2010

Beckett List

Not that this was ever on my bucket list... and not that I even have a bucket list (I am at peace with not ever meeting Paul McCartney if needs be) but I figure this is an iconic thing that, at one time or another, most people wish to do at some point in their life. Well. My baby has done it already.  

Yeah. They scanned his butt. 
Today I visited three of the incredibly exciting people I used to work with at ASU (Polytechnic) and, feeling desperate for caffeine, left the baby with them while I ran to QT. Upon my return, I found out that they wanted to have some fun with him.
Baby Fridays at where-I-used-to-work will continue.  


Lo said...

haha that is so cute!

Sarah and Trent said...

How cute is that. That's a good looking behind! :)

chazilyn + patrick said...

HAHA that is just great! MAN I had to get caught up! It's been awhile. And I absolutely loved EVERY POST! Cute little Beckett. And CONGRATS on your Anniversary! Isn't it funny how fast it goes by? May is definitely the BEST month. for sure:)

mommd said...

I love this little bum. Miss you all!