Monday, May 17, 2010

I Remember Hearts That Beat... I Remember You and Me.

I remember being an hour late to my wedding. 
-I remember crying on the 101 because we didn't know it was closed from Cave Creek on and it took my mom and me 40 minutes to detour down Cave Creek to the 51.
-I remember the woman on Shea Blvd. sticking half her body out of the passenger side of her BMW to flip us off because my poor mother was literally pulling at her hair and driving as aggressively and safely as possible while her daughter was sobbing next to her.
-I remember calming down on the 202 and receiving a text from Elliott that read, "No sorries today. I love you." Then I cried some more. 

I remember our ceremony.
-I remember being late. So terribly late.
-I remember rushing through the temple doors where Elliott was waiting in the front with his mom. Feeling panicked and overwhelmed, I didn't really get to appreciate that first time seeing him on our wedding day.
-I remember changing into my dress (my grandma had to help me for a few minutes before my mom came in after parking the car).
-I remember finally feeling ready, quiet and relieved. I could slow my steps, breathe deep, and enjoy my walk alone to the hallway where Elliott sat waiting for me.
-I remember our few minutes on "that bench" where we sat close, held hands, and talked about my dress. He loved it.

-I remember being escorted by my husband-to-be into the sealing room where our dearest friends and family were.
-I remember forcing myself not to look at Elliott until everything was said and done and we kissed. I only watched our Sealer. Seeing everyone cry out of the corners of my eyes and already having been so emotional that morning, there was no need for a literally, uncontrollable outpouring of tears. (I know I shouldn't worry about those things but I did and it was still just as special). 

I remember our photography (by Justine Miller). 
-I remember the heat.
-I remember my gerbera daisies. Pam arranged them into my bouquet. They were amazing. I'll keep them forever.
-I remember smiling the most genuine smiles of happiness
-I remember knowing I was the most beautiful bride.
-I remember Elliott and me trying to attempt a posed laugh. Fail.
-I remember being carried through the dirt by my husband.
-I remember still seeing dirt all over my dress but not caring.

I remember our reception at Brianne's.
-I remember the work she put into it.
-I remember how much my parents and Elliott's parents contributed and helped as well.
-It was perfectly our size and style.
-I remember constant hand holding.
-I remember we were so happy to be done with everything by 2:15 pm. Sharp.
-I remember Elliott driving me away.
-I remember our silence, quiet laughs and jokes about where he was surprising me for our hotel.  

(arranged by Pam too!)

I remember The Buttes, our afternoon and our night. 
-It's only ours to remember. With the exception of our wedding night dinner at Taco Bell, Whataburger, Pizza Hut and Circle K.
-Oh. And I remember celebrating our one-year anniversary at The Buttes with that same dinner. 

I remember this all and so much more because it's the one event in my life where time didn't stall, it didn't rush past us in a blur. We took everything minute by minute, basking in it. No slower, no faster. Happy 2-year anniversary, Elliott.

May 17, 2008


Grammy Suzzy said...

What a story, Alisa...and see...stories do end with "the handsome prince and the beautiful princess rode off together...and lived happily ever after! And the young Prince Beckett is surely proof of that! Happy Anniversary, and may you have many, many more!

rusty and julie thatcher said...

so cute!!! Man you sure can wright! i felt like i just lived you whole wedding day just by reading a few paragraphs! Congrats on your two years of marriage!

Sarah and Trent said...

Congratulations!!! Happy Anniversary! I love how you wrote was adorable.

Amber said...

Happy Anniversary! This post made me cry. Probably because I'm extra sensitive/emotional today but also because I want this so bad. You guys are really cute together and I love seeing wedding photos, you make a beautiful bride!

Alisa said...

This is so so so late, but thanks everyone!

Amber, it will most definitely come to you! You are simply too incredible, exceptional, and practically perfect in every way for it not to!