Wednesday, May 12, 2010


You're my favorite month. It's a shame The Office made fun of people who like to talk about their favorite months via Erin on one of their more recent episodes. Still, I have very serious reservations regarding my favorite months, least favorite months, months I'd like to have children in (score one point for May!) and months that produce a null in emotion inside of me (looking at you January).

I've been somewhat devastated (NOT PPD) that the weather outside has been nothing short of gorgeous on this most beautiful month of the year.  I have been cooped up inside recovering and caring for my baby boi. Yesterday I walked the longest distance at one time since my c-section. I loved the color of the flowers and buildings as I walked through ASU's Main campus. The warm sun contrasted so perfectly with the cool breeze. Needless to say by the time I got back to the car I was limping and my left hip hurt like I had a giant bruise on it.
Oh well. Worth it. 
(p.s. this does not look like a 9-day-old)
I'm feeling and getting so much better. I'm finally able to wake up in the middle of the night to help feed little-big baby. This is especially important (and a blessing) because of the impending change for Elliott at school.
Elliott starts treating patients full-time in the clinic next week. I am so proud and excited for him! Of course, he doesn't ever get nervous or arrogant about this big transition, just excited. He takes on so much with ease and a reserved confidence that most people, especially me, don't have. Fortunately, his days of caring for two babies (physically) are coming to an end. 

Thank you to everyone who brought meals, visited us in the hospital and just came to hold Beckett while I was recovering at home! We love you all so much, especially our family who has been so loving and selfless in wanting to help out.


Lisa said...

He is adorable! And no, definitely doesn't look like a 9-day old :)

I don't think I've officially told you congratulations. :) I'm very happy for you... even if it is a bit weird to think of you being old enough to have a baby now, lol.

I also adore reading your blog and FB updates. Congrats again!

Lisa said...

P.S. It's Lisa Campbell – I wasn't sure if you'd recognize me by first name alone. :)

Heidi Ferguson said...

I know we don't really know each other, but I read your blog and find it so interesting because I also just had my baby boy on April 20th. My first baby was born via C section so I reading your blog brings back memories of all that recovery time. I find it funny that you are happy to help out more now that Elliot is in the clinic full time, because my husband said now HE could help me out more at night BECAUSE he's going to be full time in the clinic.

Sara said...

He is cute as a button Alisa, I think he looks so much like Elliott. I agree, C-sections are the pits. They are alot harder than people realize. Hang in there kiddo, it only gets easier. Just give yourself time. :)

Lauren said...

He is yummy! So adorable. Glad you're starting to feel better. Let me know how I can help!

Alisa said...

Hey Lisa, I haven't seen you is so long! Hope things are great. Thanks so much for the congrats, and yeah, even though I'm 20 with a baby I've propelled myself into a 30-something body with this pregnancy! I'm right there with you in the face-stalking (and I saw your PR/design website awhile ago and loved it!) I was a PR major for a year and a half but changed to family studies. I miss the major and wish they offered minors because I certainly took enough courses! Keep in touch!

And thanks Sara, Heidi and Lauren. You are all too sweet and I'm glad we can relate with our c-sections (though you guys have been through much more with kiddos than I have)! PS-- Heidi, I was so glad to hear your VBAC was a success!! Hope you're recovering well! PPS--Sara, I hope I get to see you next time you come to the Valley! PPPS--Lauren, you are an allstar and have already helped so much with answering my questions! Hope things are going well in the new Ward!

chazilyn + patrick said...

I am so glad you are recovering well! And YES, May is my absolute favorite month too:) LOVE IT. Just let me know when you are feeling up to it, I would love to see you and baby Beckett:)