Thursday, July 1, 2010


June, it is with the utmost enthusiasm that I say, "Goodbye, and see you in 11 months." I have done nothing these past four weeks but anticipate the arrival of one of my other favorite months of the year, July. Well, that's not true. I did make it to the Outlets at Anthem as well as whip up a few new and old simple recipes... but just a few. And I also made a few more trips to Ikea than I would care to (2). Then there's the matter of getting to love on Beckett without as much junk in the trunk as there was last month. And LASTLY/more importantly, I was able to get together with both sides of my family. So we had a good run June but, as always, you're about to be outdone. Again.   
(The ever big, ever enchanting Ryan explaining Robin Hood to cousin Beckett.)  
What's to look forward to this month? A trip to New York with my best gal pal, a trip to The Buttes with my best guy pal, the start of the SECOND HALF OF DENTAL SCHOOL, fireworks and the Fourth, no Ikea trips, more baby weightloss and fam time, and some snuggles with my babies (little and grown). 

ps, Anyone see the "In Memory Of Skinny Elliott" post? Yeah, Elliott did encourage and initiate the joke  but I just couldn't leave it up! My honey's gauhhhgeouss. And now... He's a braceface cutie! Pictures to come later.

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chazilyn + patrick said...

Junk in the trunk...haha u are too cute! And I know that's probably not even true! NYC and the buttes?!? Sounds amazing! And Beckett just keeps getting cuter. Is that even possible?!?!

We are in seattle for a few days and board the ship Saturday! I am Looooving the cooler weather! Just what I needed!! We are so excited. Did your parents go in the summer?? We heard that the wild life come alive in July! I'm really hoping so!!