Monday, June 20, 2011

Wish Fish Wish

Beckett looks like an owl in this picture. I was always told I had eyes like my Great Uncle, dark, and so brown they looked black. I think Beckett's are beautiful and deep. Beckett has a fascination with toothbrushes and on a given day, probably spends a good hour brushing his teeth. We didn't get a father's day pic of him and Elliott yesterday, and we didn't get one the year before either. Shameful. Definitely my least favorite unintentional tradition. For Father's Day, Elliott and I attended Church where they passed out root beer floats to all the men. Elliott and I spent our Sabbath resting (peacefully napping away the afternoon) and watching the Newlywed Game--a weekend favorite. I made egg salad sandwiches for lunch and he barbecued chicken for dinner. Something about a homemade meal on a Sunday makes the week start off extra right. Elliott is the best father and I never imagined anything less. He is my human holiday and Beckett's playground and comfort. I also granted Elliott one wish... Which he used...  That night... I love the ideation of wishes and everything they mean and can mean if you wish it. They are selfless of the wishee and liberating for the wisher. Or is it the other way around?? Either way, my classes are just past the halfway mark and I can begin to feel the sun over the horizon. It's nice to say, "Next week, I'll be through." Until then, my dreams will remain un-restful and I'm sure a few more about my teachers and classmates will seep into my mind (seriously). I am trucking through June. I cannot wait for splashparks, pool times, sparklers, and more barbecuing in July. 

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