Thursday, June 30, 2011

It Has Been Like This:

A smashed, Sprinkle's Cupcake represents my current state. 
Violated by the heat. Out of Commission. Deprived of anything that once made it look normal, cute. Too forgetful to take care of itself (ok, maybe it was I who was forgetful and allowed my precious cupcake to get ruined, but stay with me). Numerous opportunities for enjoyment crushed (by school)
Brianne has brought me several Sprinkle's cupcakes this month. It has certainly brightened my self-inflicted house arrest because of school (though she has been just as busy)! This was the first cupcake she saved me, I was running all over that day so I quickly shoved it in my bag, ran my errands in the 110 degree heat, and remembered it too late. Shameful. Poor little cupcake. 
It was only fitting for this month. Only right.

 Last week was Southwest's BIGGEST, and I mean BIGGEST, sale of the year: Their anniversary sale. Oddly enough, it is this shopper's favorite sale of the year. I stayed up until 11:30 on the last night of it panicked as to where and how we could possibly and reasonably take advantage of these steals. Flights to the East Coast, $120 each way (and that included non-stop to NYC & DC), flights to San Francisco $80. We started planning mock trips and creating Excel budget spreadsheets (though I refuse to talk about Excel anymore after my statistics class). Elliott eventually put the decision into my hands and I could have assaulted him for making the most indecisive person EVER decide such an important thing for her. I may have almost cried, like this is such a "hard" and "difficult" and "burdensome" thing, and then I slapped myself in the face.  We had also thought back to Beaver Creek. We discussed the things we could do again, the differences of doing it in the Fall as opposed to Summer. Again, I may have almost started to cry being the excessively EXCESSIVELY nostalgic person I am, but HEY, Elliott was getting plenty sappy about it as well. 
We will return to Beaver Creek this Fall.  
Two days after booking our flight but not the hotel, we received the above little postcard in the mail. Yes, that's a picture of the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek reaching out to us as if they already knew our decision and were simply saying, "Welcome Back." Oh the magic of May still pushing me through June. 

Beckett enjoying what apparently I only thought of as a mistake: visiting the outdoor mall park on a hot Saturday afternoon. Looks like it's indoor malls from now on--I certainly don't have a problem frequenting the Chandler or Scottsdale malls... Please mind his black eye. He pulled a blow dryer onto his face. Oopsie.


miss chaz. said...

you poor one deserves a smashed cupcake:( i can sympathize. i KNOW......but YAY for your VACATION!!! I know how much you love that place. Sounds like it's HAVE to go now! do not mess with fate. i'm so excited for you guys!

p.s. i think we're due for lunch/sprinkles trip asap!

andrea.rose said...

this especially saddened me because it looks like a key lime which may be my new favorite sprinkles flavor. if you haven't yet had a fresh one, you NEED to.