Monday, August 1, 2011

Birthday Day

TODAY Elliott turns 26. 
We went to Benihana's on Saturday to celebrate. Ever been? It was fantastic, I wish our chef would have accepted tips in his little hat, it held so much. On our way out to eat, we checked the mail and in it was Elliott's passing score on the NBDE II (congratulations to both Brennan brothers as they both passed). It made the night that much more enjoyable and we didn't mind if we did venture out for some teppanyaki. 
Do you like that I'm eating his free birthday ice cream? 
It's ok, he did have a bite or two. I made sure to get chocolate, since he's not a big chocolate fan (to lessen the temptation and all). Wasn't that nice? 
I have been beyond impressed with Elliott's dieting, self-control, and motivation and keep wondering, "Where were you when I had to drop a pound or 50?" It's ok, no bitterness there, I promise; it's his birthday! Regardless, he is still motivating me now to eat healthy and cook from home. A little bit of planning on our shared Cozi shopping list and meal planning app has made it fun to stay in, eat better, and go to sleep without feeling so blah after the meal. I promise I wasn't paid to say that. 
Back to the real deal here: Elliott is the best. Most people say that. Well, a lot of people get distracted by his manly and full beard and talk about that first but that's because they think it's the best too. I have been begging Elliott to let me make his mom's oatmeal cake for tonight, but he and I both know we would eat half the thing in one night. And the other half the next morning. Alas, today could very well be one with me following Elliott around eating his free birthday restaurant goodies and perhaps hoping he'll take a bite or two to lessen the guilt. Ok maybe I won't after all the scorn I know I'll receive, but I would want him to do the same if I were seriously dieting. We have a special relationship with our food. It's another thing I love about Elliott. I know regardless, today will not be complete without some messy kisses from Beckett (who just learned how to give them and what "KISSES!" means) as well as some messy kisses from me. I'll have a lot of food on my face, remember?  
 Elliott hard at work grilling our turkey burgers. 
The look on his face is one of sheer motivation to grill--not crabbiness. 


miss chaz. said...

Happy 26th, Elliott!! I hope you guys enjoyed all the fun freebie bday treats! I have yet to try Benihana's BDay deal...and tell me more about this oatmeal cake!???!?!?!?

Brianne said...

So, 26 seems super young...
Probably says something about my age.
Hope Elliott had a great Birthday!
Beckett is adorable in those pajamas.